Sunday, May 30, 2021

Double Wish slips into the indie realm with chill debut single, Fever Dream

Double Wish’s debut single release, ‘Fever Dream,’ is an indie pop-rock track featuring seven chords on the acoustic guitar, Tame Impala-like bass lines, and synths that, befitting to the title, make the overall sound nearly psychedelic.

Double Wish’s, or Adam Sabolick’s, relaxed style of singing and doubled vocals fit perfectly with the laid back and reflective sound of the self-described “dark-sunshine pop dreamscape.” 

Fever Dream’ explores the passing of time with perfectly ambiguous lyrics about the future constantly flowing into the past with but a moment in the present. In this way, the listener can easily relate to the song’s nostalgia.


Starting with a somewhat simple acoustic jam, the first verse teases what is to come throughout the rest of the song, while slowly morphing into a more synth-influenced sound. After the verse, the transition into the chorus is well crafted and shows Sabolick's skill in writing chord progressions.


There is a suspenseful build-up, gently easing the listener into the groove of the chorus with Sabolick’s falsetto singing that fades into the distance, accompanied by high plucking synths that bring to mind the stars in the lyrics.


Finally, a simple, but aesthetically pleasing, guitar solo brings the song into the second verse and ends the song in a place that is sure to entrance the listener.


Honestly, I can’t speak more highly of this track! Upon my first listen, I was in shock at how perfectly Double Wish captured the indie vibe in a new and interesting way. I was immediately sending it to friends and telling them to listen to it. Double Wish came in strong with ‘Fever Dream’ as their debut.


I feel lucky to be jumping aboard Double Wish’s hype train, and if this single is any indication, I can’t see how Double Wish isn’t on track to be one of the next huge names in indie music. 


Christian Koller


Image: Fever Dream Official Single Artwork


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