Sunday, May 02, 2021

The perfect road trip soundtrack: Daniel Lerner releases debut album ‘There’s Something I Wanted To Say’

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Daniel Lerner, has released his debut album ‘There’s Something I Wanted To Say’. The album features a combination of indie and acoustic tracks, crafting the perfect backdrop for the summer ahead. 

Born and raised in New York City alongside an array of musicians, Lerner has worked with several artists; producing, songwriting, and playing guitar, before releasing music of his own. ‘There’s Something I Wanted To Say’ is Lerner’s attempt to find himself within the music industry as he plays around with different styles and sounds. The album is said to be an introduction of himself to the world, delving into themes like growing pains, heartbreak, and learning from past mistakes. 


The seven-track album begins with Lerner’s latest single ‘In Your Way’. This uplifting, summery tune is a homage to the pains of growing up as the lyrics state there is a “constant sense of growing pains and never growing out of them”. Lerner combines the soft, simplistic instrumentals with the reflective lyrics to allow his smooth vocals to really be the star of the show. 


The laid-back summer vibe continues with Lerner's second track ‘I’ll Be Patient If You’ll Be Kind’. Once again, the track emanates a smooth, easy sound which translates in Lerner’s more relaxed vocals. This ode to miscommunication creates a hazy, beachy feel, similar to that of the works of Summer Salt. 


As the album progresses, Lerner takes a more acoustic approach which can be seen in the transition into track three: ‘Young’. This mellow tune represents a reflection of the past which is evident in the lyric “we made a good mistake to grow from”. Once again, Lerner’s voice really shines through in this track, especially in the powerful bridge. 


‘Sponsoris’ the next track on the album and acts as the perfect soundtrack for watching the sunset. This acoustic-driven song is the shortest on the album and is preceded by the raw instrumental acoustic track ‘Ode To Joe Carbone’


The penultimate song ‘Humble Giant’ explores the topic of mental health with Lerner’s intimate vocals, leading with the poignant lyrics “I make mistakes but I’m not made of them”. The track is also acoustic-driven but picks up towards the end with an elongated upbeat instrumental, acting as an explosion of sound; ending the song with a bang. 


The album ends with the full-on indie track, ‘Speakeasy’. This track lightens the load from the rest of the album with its fun instrumentals, even introducing an electric guitar into the mix. Lerner’s voice truly lets loose on this track, releasing that calm and controlled tone and exchanging it for a powerful chorus with projected vocals. 


Whilst it is clear that Lerner is playing around with his sound in this debut album, he demonstrates a clear ability to bounce between indie and acoustic to showcase his versatile sound. The tracks all run smoothly into one another which creates a whole and complete listening experience. Amongst all, it is evident that Lerner’s real triumph in this album is his beautifully written, powerful lyrics. 

With a similar sound to that of Beach Fossils and Toledo, it’s no wonder this album is going to be a big hit and we cannot wait to see more of him in the future!


Aneesha Kalia


Image: Official Album Artwork

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