Sunday, May 02, 2021

Birmingham Boys, Y!KES deliver dystopian video for new track ‘Just Me’

Birmingham boys, Y!KES are back with their punchy new single, 'Just Me', and accompanying music video directed by Zak Taylor Media to compliment the release.

Consisting of vocalist Oli Long, guitarist Liam Howard, drummer TJ, and bassist Rob, Y!KES have built a reputation for themselves in the Birmingham music scene as ones to watch.

The band have performed alongside the likes of King Nun and Vukovi, and have regularly made the A-list slots on local radio stations with previously released tracks like ‘Step Away’ and ‘Pirouette’.


On April 1st the band premiered the music video for their latest song, ‘Just Me’, in a follow up to their previous release, ‘Long Gone Silver’. The track itself is typical of what we’ve come to expect from the Y!KES boys - catchy riffs and melodies with an alternative edge - but paired with the video, the song takes on a whole new meaning.


Shot during the UK’s most recent lockdown in the deserted streets of Birmingham, the video takes on a spectral, eerie feeling, with frontman Oli Long walking the foggy streets and passing some of the city’s most iconic music venues shrouded in smoke and cloud. Combined with Long’s distinctive vocals, the video delivers a dramatic feeling of angst and want as he tries opening locked doors across the city and gazes across the empty roads.


The cinematic video is complemented by a cleverly considered narrative and shows just how conscious Y!KES are of the immersive experience their music provides for their fans. As the words ‘just me’ reverberate through the track, the story progresses and takes a darker turn (don’t worry, no spoilers). However, the bridge of the song soon sees the atmosphere and imagery of the video change yet again, as Long runs freely through a golden field -  a stark contrast to the abandoned, concrete streets of Birmingham.


Y!KES have long been known as a band making anti-pop music and ‘Just Me’ perfectly encapsulates this description. The video compliments the grungy My Chemical Romance-inspired vibes that pulsate throughout the track, with the hook able to get any room full of sweaty gig-goers chanting along.

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