Friday, May 28, 2021

Mothé Is ‘Dancing On An Empty Floor’ On Their New Single

Spencer Fort started making music under the name of Mothé in 2020 when their previous project Moth Wings disbanded. Their latest single under the Mothé name, titled ‘Dancing On An Empty Floor’, is a catchy and memorable guitar-driven alt-rock tune.

The song begins with fuzzy, distorted guitars and deep, chugging bass. This instrumental then withdraws during the verses of the track, except for a skittering and repetitive piano key melody, allowing the attention to be entirely on Mothé’s clear and rich voice. 

Meanwhile, the chorus is incredibly catchy, with sing-along lyrics and impressive falsetto vocals.

The instrumental has some interesting and experimental bass warping effects on the bridge of the track, assisting Mothé in transcending the alt-rock genre by giving the song a refreshingly modern and updated twist. Then, in the outro of the track, the instrumental fades away entirely to shift full focus onto Mothé’s vocals. Here, as they repeat the lyrics to the chorus in elongated notes, you can hear the raw emotion in their voice.

The artwork of the track is also very striking and is worth a mention. Mothé has always been an artist who has ensured cohesivity throughout their artwork – if you look back in their discography you will see the lilac series of artwork for their first EP ‘Cindi’ in 2020. The cover art for ‘Dancing On An Empty Floor’ utilises the eye-catchingly contrasting colours of dark teal green and vibrant sunset orange, much like the previous two singles that Mothé has released in anticipation of their forthcoming debut album, ‘Debt Collector’ and ‘Wrong Places’.

Due to the pandemic, Mothé has been unable to play any of their songs in a live setting as of yet. It is undeniable that once they are able to go on tour, they will attract an electric and energetic crowd, and their shows will have been well worth the wait.

Gemma Cockrell

Twitter: gemma_cockrell

Image: @mothemothemothe Twitter

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