Friday, May 28, 2021

Laura Danae takes us back to the 90s with impressive new EP ‘About Time’

Originally from Athens, Greece, Laura Danae now lives in Brooklyn, New York where she met guitarist Ian Grey, bass player Ned Steves, and drummer Aidan Shephard through mutual friends. Danae took her band and talents as a vocalist, guitarist, and keyboard player and gained a reputation in NYC for energetic and engaging performances throughout the city. 

New EP ‘About Time’has been in the works for many years, giving her band time to develop their sound and choose the direction they are going in. Danae has listed her influences with the likes of Fiona Apple, Keane, The Smashing Pumpkins and Alanis Morissette. These influences come through in Danae’s sound, with a modern-day twist that doesn’t rely on nostalgia but instead reinvents it.


The first track on the EP ‘Wylde‘ is indicative of freedom. From the first note there is a burst of the '90's - if you shuffled this track without knowing who the artist was, you may assume you are listening to No Doubt or Elastica. There is also a real Blink-182 feel to this track, which tells the story of a girl on a mission to find something new, although she is not sure what yet. With a fast pace and bursting with appetite for life, Danae’s strong and determined vocals fit perfectly with the crashing drums and memorable 90s guitar riff.


The EP varies in the origin of its sounds, as if someone has said to Danae and the band ‘show us everything you’ve got’. Track It’s Me’ from 2020 and most recent release ‘Violet Sunset’ are hugely reminiscent of Nirvana but with only a small dose of melancholia. Accompanying grungy bass and guitar riffs are powerful drums that could have easily come from Dave Grohl. Danae sings lyrics “You said that it’s me / You said I’m the problem”on ‘It’s Me’with clear vocals and a strong message. Juxtaposed with these heavy sounds is melodic piano played by Danae which works perfectly and will surely become part of her signature sound.


Sixth track ‘Here I’ll Stay’ certainly stands out. There is clear inspiration from female vocalists like Alanis Morissette; however, this is teamed up with a real Britpop feel and is reminiscent of British bands like Cast. This track is impressive and sounds like a classic rock ballad from an artist decades older than Danae. It is a simple break-up song that covers everything we need to hear and know. Danae’s talent shines through on this track, humbly letting us in and telling us “I am tired of feeling like I’m alone/ Cos I’m not but I feel it”. Her vocals seem to echo what Lana Del Rey would have sounded like in the 90s and truly blows you away. Accompanied with a beautiful guitar riff that sounds like Keane, in the raw and honest way it stands alone.


This EP has anthems, grunge escape, the sound of dark and toxic relationships (‘Honey’), a window into the experience of suffering with ‘Anxiety’and raw emotion in ballad, ‘Everything’. It is truly an impressive feat for any artist, especially for a debut EP. Danae and her band are bursting with talent and any future releases along with live performances will be highly anticipated. This is the start of something big.


Daisy Fitzgerald

Instagram: @Daisyfitz2

Twitter: @Daisymayfitz

Image: Official EP Artwork

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