Monday, May 17, 2021

Fonzy and Company release new uplifting and vibrant single ‘Beyond My Control’

Fonzy and Company are back with a new single. Embracing their alternative Rock edge, the band pushes their music past every genre boundary and always includes a catchy tone in whatever they’re releasing. Their new single really unveils so many fun elements they like to include, and showcase intimidatingly good instrumentation sections.

The band itself are based in Bristol, firstly coming together in February 2019. Made up of experienced individuals from various different projects, each of their tastes in music really varies from Alternative/Rock to Pop Punk. Always searching and open to new ideas to enhance their music in some way, their new track ‘Beyond My Control’ really proves that. 

The song itself has so many uplifting moments, and from beginning to end really highlights their use of instrumentation which is very unique.

Within this track you can hear a lot of their musical influences, helping to gather where they got their overall sound influence. From The Rush, to the amazing Brian Fallon and of course Green Day, you can hear how heavily these artists have impacted their work, particularly within this song.

The song doesn't include countless lyrics, but the chorus and the atmosphere of the instruments carry the song in an effortless light. You can hear a hook that comes and goes throughout the song, which repeats the title, this really adds to there being many catchy sections to the song. Everyone who listens will find it hard to release this song from their minds – it will definitely stay with them. So much power comes alive when listening, especially when the guitar enters, showcasing so much force and direction.

You can’t help but feel an explosion of emotions when listening to ‘Beyond My Control’. The band itself coming from such a vibrant music scene, it really does come to light in everything they release. Their ambition is shown from each individual when they are performing, and they will definitely go on to bigger and better things. This is just the beginning for their outstanding music.


Emilie Fitz-Gerald


Image: Beyond My Control Official Artwork

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