Monday, May 17, 2021

Dark-pop visionary GEISTE releases enchanting new single & video 'Twig'

The wave of pioneering pop experimentalists continues with vehement vehicle GEISTE and the release of her latest single Twig.

The face of GEISTE is French-born, London-based songstress Marie Chabrelie, who is quickly gaining recognition for her ability to mix emblematic electronica with neoteric pop. There is a soundscape behind Twig that combines contemporary lo-fi beats with a mystical and introspective sound, one that stays

with you and demands you to discover more.

Clear influence comes from Lorde and FKA Twigs, but the obscure electro element of the track also radiates Kylie Minogue Fever-era vibes. The gentle verses run along the lines of Fragile whilst the reverberating beats entwined with the shiny, saccharine chorus is almost like Love at First Sight or In Your Eyes. If you listen to the previous single Alibi, you may pick up the same aura.

A special element of the track is its canorous chant that carries it from gentle pop to psychedelic and exotic experimental. Despite the lyrics not being entirely clear, it appears to resound a fundamental message for the song; one that has the power to move you and stick in your head even after the first listen. 

The accompanying video is a heartwarming and original cartoon that depicts a figure, quite like Chabrelie herself, walking through a ghost town into a ‘spirit sanctuary’. Here she encounters ‘paranormal feelings’. The graphics form colourful and spiritual symbols, depicting a force that appears to take her on a journey where she is reborn as a magical being and reconnects with herself. 

The track is one to get you delving deeper into GEISTE’s discography if you haven’t come across her already. The word ‘geiste’ comes from the German ‘geist’ meaning spirit or ghost, with Chabrelie’s feminine touch. Similarly, the term ‘zeitgeist’ means to be a spirit of one’s time - the perfect portrayal of her legacy. 

Rowan Howard

Twitter: @rlhowa

Instagram: @rowahowa

Image: Photographer: Nick Bowring 

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