Monday, April 19, 2021

The Night Cafe Return with lead track, ‘Isn’t’, ahead of new EP: For Better Days

The Night Café are back with their first single since their debut, ‘0151’, back in 2019. 

‘Isn’t’ is a break-up song facing the harsh realisation that you “can’t stand” the person you’re with anymore, but you can’t simply switch off the lingering feelings of love. It’s about the confusion that comes along with those feelings betrayal and losing something you thought was built to withstand.

Something that’s always drawn me into listening to The Night Café are the heavenly melodic riffs that run throughout the majority of their stuff. ‘Isn’t’ is no different in that respect. But what is a little different is the growth and maturity that comes through in ‘Isn’t’, compared to songs from their debut.

The growth doesn’t stop with the songwriting though, it is also very prevalent in the production of the track. With cleaner vocals, and a tighter mix in general, nothing gets lost in the mix like it might have done if ‘Isn’t’ had ended up on one of their earlier EPs. 

“When I thought you loved me, who says I should’ve known?” is my favourite lyric from the track. Showcasing the power of hindsight and how it’s a wonderfully horrible thing, and how sometimes, when you look back onto better days of a relationship, you still can’t see any of the warning signs that people drill into you.

I’ve spent many a day walking through blossom-filled streets listening to this track, subjecting the world to my main-character-energy, and I still can’t get enough of this song. It’s got angst, and confusion, and a deep understanding of the sadness of a not-quite-over-yet but ultimately cursed feelings. For me, it warrants at least a couple dozen repeats on Spotify this spring.   

The Night Café embark on their UK tour in February 2022, and I, for one, can’t wait to be there screaming, “to go from love is so absurd” with all my friends at the earliest possibility.

All in all, ‘Isn’t’ is a perfect fit to pre-empt the release of their upcoming EP ‘For Better Days’, due for release April 22nd.

Tiffany Wright



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