Monday, April 19, 2021

ADE - NYC’s freshest face releases newest single ‘Havin’ fun with Pharaoh.’

With the anticipation of his upcoming album ‘Midnight Pizza,’ due to drop on the 23rd of April; Ade the innovative New York based singer-songwriter and producer has released his latest single ‘Havin fun with Pharaoh’.

‘Havin’ fun with Pharaoh’ initially an instrumental track Ade had kicking about, blends a breadth of reversed guitar and pedal steel with electronic synth breaks layered between, melody-driven keys and upbeat drums to create a vibrant, techno coloured pop dream.

Ade, when searching for the lyrics to his first single, rediscovered a series of old voice notes from the time the piano loop was conceived. The recordings unlocked a time capsule of memories from a life-affirming chapter in his life, with voice memos laced in friends voices in the background of the original recording of the piano and main riff of the instrumental. Having opened up about the writing process of his latest track Ade says;

“Havin’ Fun with Pharaoh was an instrumental track that had been kicking around for a while. When it finally came time to figure out what I might want to say over it, I was going through my voice notes in search of some inspo (as one does) and ended up all the way back at the original recording of myself sitting at the piano and playing the main riff for the first time some years ago, featuring some of my friends’ voices in the background. One thing led to another and I found myself listening to a year of my and my friends’ voices, wrapped in this iQuilt patched with vibrant, goofy voice note memories. I found it only fitting to make the song a tribute to the time that that piano part was conceived, the voices in those little recordings, and the friends they belong to.”

Ade’s debut single is embellished with elements of modern psychedelia and eclectic sounds which cites references from Bjork and Samba. If Ade continues to shapeshift this experimental soundscape he has created, the upcoming album will definitely be one to keep your eyes peeled for.

Niamh Boorman

Instagram: @niamh_boorman @bleachedfuse

Image: Ade (@_midnightpizza_) • Instagram photos and videos       photo cred: @shervinfoto

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