Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Sleeping Woods present their new track ‘Mind the Gap’

Sleeping Woods have been around for a while; in fact, they trace their inception back to 2014, when their lead singer was merely 15 years old. Ever since, they’ve stood firmly together – united by ambition and hard work, slowly but surely honing their sound. 

In 2020, their debut EP “Without Form, Without Limit” was released to a pandemic-gripped world, becoming a testament to the tenacity and determination of the outfit. Resisting a situation that is actively trying to put them down, Sleeping Woods have not stopped the music, releasing a fresh new single, ‘Mind the Gap’.

Don’t expect any Krautrock or Rammstein-like sound from these Germans. Instead, prepare to be transported back to the heady days of British rock of the ’90s and early ’00s. 

There is something of Franz Ferdinand in those slashy guitars, as well as a hefty dose of Oasis and Arctic Monkeys, complete with vocals that could easily be mistaken for Alex Turner’s or Liam Gallagher’s. This is the kind of tune you would expect to hear – and fall in love with – at a rowdy house party, embracing it into the soundtrack of your youth and filthy good times.


‘Mind the Gap’ is everything you want from a good rock track. Seething with attitude and insatiable energy, it entices us with its Tina Weymouth-worthy bass hook and punchy kick drums. 

The lyrics are a tad hard to hear, but the effortless and charismatic alternation between rockstar aloofness and seductive languor, from the lead vocalist, is still noticeable. The track builds up to a crescendo only to slowly slip away into near silence, before delivering a final punch that would not be out of place in a seedy dive bar. It will leave you pleased and hungry for more – let’s hope Sleeping Woods will cook something else up soon!



Liza Kupreeva


Image source: https://sleepingwoods.de/media/

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