Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Graham Costello launches new single “Circularity” in anticipation of new album

Glasgow-based drummer and composer Graham Costello recently announced his new single “Circularity”, which will appear on Graham’s much-anticipated album “Second Lives”, which features his ensemble STRATA, and is set to be released on the 7th May this year on Gearbox Records. 

Costello formed STRATA in 2016 – an ensemble that brings together enchanting elements of minimalism, jazz, and noise-rock whilst channelling a strong innovative process. A band paving the way for new Scottish jazz artists into the UK scene, STRATA is formed from some of Scotland’s most exciting talents. Led by Graham, the band features pianist Fergus McCreadie, guitarist Joe Williamson, rising Trombonist Liam Shortall, saxophonist Harry Weir, and renowned bassist Mark Hendry. 

Costello’s involvement in the Scottish indie scene saw him grow up whilst touring all over Europe with noise-rock and psych bands, and experience the warmth and breadth of the European independent music scene. Along with his formal studies in jazz, all this led to the conception of STRATA, and the wonderful body of music that soon followed.  

Following on the success of their recent single “Eudaimonia”, the new track further delves into Graham’s atmospheric minimalism. As with the single that arrived before it, “Circularity” sees the band exploring the fragile line between tension and calm, with hints of relaxing and experimental sounds capable of almost inducing a state of hypnosis. 

When it comes to the track, there are no vocals or lyrics, so the instrumental ultimately expresses Graham’s interpretation of how the themes of the song should feel. As a result, the artist finds his compositions more texturally unique and stylistically experimental than ever before. The gentle yet pensive “Circularity”, is a staple of creativity for the upcoming album which is filled with high-energy polyrhythms, improvisation, and borderless artistic exploration. There is a delicate balance, carefully placed between the band’s sincere moments of vulnerability displayed in the song, and their capability for restless and driving intensity. It is in these moments of tension and calm, and the charming piece sitting in-between, that Graham Costello creates some of his most emotional and thought-provoking music to date. 

Johan Miers

Image: Link: Graham Costello (Picture: Andy Earl / Press)

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