Thursday, April 29, 2021

Memories of misguided adolescence: Bandicoot are back with new single 'Fuzzy'

Bandicoot are back with a new release that takes us right back to the glamourous days of the 70s. Following on from their debut single for record label Libertino, ‘Fuzzy’ has a nostalgic, retro feel. In the band’s own words, the new track is ‘’a deranged attempt at seduction which draws on 70s ‘Top of the Pops’, glam rock and memories of misguided adolescence.’’

Not only evocative of the hazy days of youth, the title is a perfect description of the sound Bandicoot have created, with buzzing bass tones and full, distorted guitars. Through the orchestration, melody and lyrics, Bandicoot have managed to create a sense of musical nostalgia without sacrificing their playful attitude.

‘Fuzzy’ is a vibrant and energetic outburst, with powerful vocals and distorted instrumentation supported by fast drum beats which all contribute to a sense of dazzling hysteria akin to consuming several energy drinks in a row.

The accompanying music video is simple and fun, echoing the ambiance of the song. Filmed in one take in Bandicoot’s back gardens, it captures the frantic energy of the track and is an open invitation to get up, join in and dance.

A song that will undoubtedly become a contemporary classic.




Despoina Ioannou

Instagram: @despinaioannou

Image: @bethanmillerco

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