Thursday, April 29, 2021

Liminal: a poetic and intimate EP from Ġenn

The alternative post-punk band Ġenn have just released their mesmerising new EP. Liminal makes us wonder, in the midst of single powerful vocals and well-honed instrumentals with mighty political lyrics.

Liminal is a journey into an alternate reality, full of freedom and sorrow, drawing you into reflection, as they involve you in a frantic and intimate atmosphere.

The first single Fell is the perfect opening track, with smooth guitars and delicate vocals, that places you in an almost hallucinogenic setting, recalling the summer concerts in the warm afternoon breeze.   

Mackerel’s Funky Mission was, for me, a distant call - a sense of unease and self-discovery. The beat grounded in spoken words glisten over a funky and joyful melody. Leona's voice has a profound mystique to it, conveying a raw description of experiences that encapsulates familiarity.

In the middle of the EP, a very contrasting tone is set. Catalyst starts with multiple voices chanting "revolution" and continues with upbeat riffs that immediately draw you in. A single in syntony with the current times. 

If you are looking for a melody that speaks to the times of sorrow, Just another sad song carries that weighty burden throughout. Full of dominant pitches and a rising instrumental ensemble, the group explores the connections and character of a heartbreak, coming to a high at the end with a sharp and manic beat - an exploration of self-awareness and tragedy.

The final track, Falling out, wraps the EP to its conclusion, using dramatic but fluid rhythms fading down, allowing the bass to take the spotlight.

With this only being Ġenn´s first EP, there’s plenty to look forward to from the Brighton band. Liminal is a strong collective of reflections and leaves us with high expectations for their future projects.

 Joana Alarcão


Image: Official EP Artwork

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