Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Maisie Waterhouse channels Miley Cyrus in new release ‘Kitchen Tiles’

Maisie Waterhouse, 17 years old from Devon, states that her work is influenced by artists such as Kate Bush and Miley Cyrus, which is clear to see from her new release, ‘Kitchen Tiles’. 


Maisie started writing this single in March 2020 during the first lockdown of the pandemic and has been working on it since, trying not to create something directly related to COVID but instead, ‘the struggles of being apart from people you love’. 


The song starts with a slow, ominous opening and an acoustic guitar melody is heavily present. From the initial opening of the song, you get a country feel to the music as if it could be featured in a western film. The change to minor chords in the opening of the song further highlights the ominous tone and sets out the basis for the storyline; the minor keys create a villainous tone, again fitting the western film theme it is heavily influencing. 


A drumbeat is introduced, and Maisie’s soulful voice delivers deep lyrics, holding onto the ominous feel create right from the start. Her voice heightens the country vibe the song creates, clearly showing her influences of Bush and Cyrus. 


The opening lyrics, “He’s walked alone for a while”, sets up a story for us as the listeners, keeping us hooked from the start to see where it leads to. Maisie states that “The first verse is meant to symbolize the loneliness ‘he’ feels walking around the house and the second verse represents the nothingness ‘she’ feels without him too”. 


With the western feel still present throughout the song, there is an electric guitar solo, supported by a constant drumbeat underneath, creating a slow build-up to the return of Maisie’s unique vocals. She is supported by harmonised vocals in the background, supporting her already strong voice, and creating a build-up in not only the song but emotions within Maisie and her listeners. 


As the end of the song approaches, the guitar melody that has been seen throughout the whole song fades quickly out, leaving just a simple beat from the drummer and releasing all the emotions that had been quickly built up. 


Maisie’s has not only created a song that is full of emotion and meaningful lyrics, but also music in a style that is not as popular in today’s charts but where there is definitely room for. Maisie’s combined vocals and lyrics have created such a powerful song and story that it is almost impossible not to be hooked by her.  

Roberta McDonagh

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  1. thank you for this review, you really understand what the song is about x


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