Wednesday, April 28, 2021

A taste test: Reviewing Posh Chocolates’ “Dancin’ for 2”(feat. Abbie Ozard)

A match made in indie heaven: Christian Ellery’s Manchester trio, Posh Chocolates, and singer-songwriter, Abbie Ozard, give us a fresh slice of British lo-fi pop in their new single “Dancin’ for 2”. 

Following their feature on the BBC Introducing Manchester ‘Ones To Watch list in 2020, it is not hard to see why an increasing number of indie-pop lovers cannot resist the taste of Posh Chocolates. 

Formed in 2019, the sprightly synth-pop band’s new single melts seamlessly into the indie music scene, with their new release, “Dancin’ for 2” already featuring on Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ and ‘Fresh Finds: Pop’ playlists. 

Starring the youthful voice of Abbie Ozard, this track combines the Northern band’s rough-and-ready feel with the Ozard’s effortlessly cool vocals. Whilst merging Ozard’s self-proclaimed ‘lo-fi indie rock kind of sound’ (1), with the synth-y, upbeat backing of ‘Posh Chocs’ Sam Osbourne and Robert Maguire, the Northern trio’s catchy track maintains an airy, feel-good chorus. Accompanied by Ellery, singer-songwriter Abbie Ozard nonchalantly repeats ‘I’m fine, I’m dancin’ on my own now’, injecting the single with her signature independent and carefree ‘tv kween’ attitude.

After the success of their 2020 track, “Gaudy”, boasting over 45,000 Spotify streams, Posh Chocolates’ latest collaboration with Ozard continues to propel the synth-rock band into the spotlight, having racked up over twenty thousand streams on Spotify in less than two weeks after the release.

Considering their already impressive number of streams, it seems that Posh Chocolates’ new music is just as addictive as their name implies: perhaps this Northern trio’s catchy new single will also have you “Dancin’ for 2”.

Dulcie Whadcock

Instagram: @dulcie__x


1: Interview with Abbie Ozard ( Stokes, Gem. Switching things up with Abbie Ozard, Notion Magazine, 2020 )


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