Sunday, April 04, 2021

Latest single from Solis ‘Be Together’ is a beautiful insight into loneliness during the Pandemic that you’ll have on repeat

Irish singer-songwriter Solis, now based in Manchester, brings us a new single, the second from her up and coming debut album ‘Priestess’, in the form of the ethereal, dreamy and highly relatable ‘Be Together’ in which listeners can simply float in the strangely comforting knowledge that we all are in the same lonely boat. Speaking about the new release, she states: 

”Be Together” tells the story of someone who longs to be in a relationship all the time. When someone finds it difficult to be on their own and becomes infatuated by another they wish to be with… The middle section with the cannon vocals is symbolic of the commotion, confusion and lust that has consumed the person’s thoughts.”

Loneliness and missing human connection is something that we all can understand after the coronavirus pandemic. This theme of loneliness makes the track instantly poignant in a time where we of course cannot all ‘Be Together’, we are all longing for that human closeness that is currently impossible. Solis taps into both complex and relatable emotions through the song’s lyrics, such as ‘get it in your head, love is not a potion’, highlighting how people often seek love as a solution to all of life’s problems. Sound familiar?  

The song contains a captivating textured quality, achieved through the polished production of Andy Connor and mastering by Neil Claxton. Solis’ throaty vocals layer and harmonise, all the while accompanied by a steady waltz-like instrumental, made up of continual drums, bass and soft piano which then builds to a euphoric, psychedelic rock-like chorus. Comparable to the otherworldly quality of Kate Bush, Lana Del Ray and Banks, the track is simply beautiful and demands multiple listens. 

With continued support from BBC Radio Manchester and an impressive catalogue of live gigs under her belt, including supporting slots for Blossoms, Phoebe Green and Inhaler, Solis proves with this track that she is a note-worthy name in the Mancunian music scene.

I for one can’t wait to experience her captivating songs when we can all Be Together again but until then, with this song, for a moment all the worries of a pandemic-stricken world are forgotten.

Leila McGrorty  


Image: Instagram @asupremeshot 

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