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Here’s To An EP We Won’t Forget. Ringo Starr’s Latest EP ‘Zoom In’ Promises A Reflective Glance Back Over The Last Twelve Months.

‘Zoom In’ comes as the latest EP from the former Beatle, Ringo Starr. Drumming his way through a successful career, the release of his new album casts a particularly reflective glimpse over the last twelve months. The EP, consisting of five tracks, was released on March 19th 2021. 

Recorded from the comfort of his own studio, the album is structured around collaboration. Featuring a star-studded influence (including the likes of former bandmate Sir Paul McCartney, Sheryl Crow and Lenny Kravitz), the message of togetherness is well embedded into the creation of the album and its successful delivery. 


On the whole, the EP flows through a multitude of tempos, beats and lyrical subjects. These shifts in tone reflect the unpredictable pace and nature of these uncertain times. Together, the album demonstrates a concise journey of reflection, bound together by the unmistakable voice and toe-tapping beat of Ringo Starr. 


The first track, ‘Here’s To The Nights’ is a fitting entrance piece for the EP. Written by Diane Warren, this track effortlessly encapsulates the message of connectivity threaded through the album. The gentle and smooth guitar presence provokes a nostalgic gaze into the past, which is ideally contrasted with the resounding collection of backing vocals in the chorus. The uplifting vocals, ranging in pitch and tone, showcase the statement of togetherness within this first track and sets the tone for the rest of the EP. The slow tempo of the song creates an independent moment for reflection, whilst operating as the ideal prelude to the following tracks. 


The next track  ‘Zoom In Zoom Out’, is perhaps the most pointed example of Ringo’s recent experience. Encased within the chiming, continuous beat of the tambourine, this song immediately draws attention to ideas relating to the video conferencing software Zoom, which grew in popularity over the past year. With lyrics such as “Zoom in to get a new perspective” and “Zoom out to see we’re all connected”, the link between adaptation and connection is all too familiar to recent technological experiences. The song is reflective of the transformations in communication we have seen throughout the pandemic, whilst emphasising the positivity of learning and viewing life from a fresh perspective. 


The experience of this particular EP is punctuated by the carnival of sound present in ‘Teach Me To Tango’. The pairing of the steady drumbeat, alongside the vibration of the electric guitar, sends a shockwave of momentum into this track. It’s a bright and brassy mid-point for the album. The lyrics “You’ve gotta live it up” and “Until you get what you want” are an inspirational connection to the symbolism of empowerment that exudes from the EP. Perfectly paired alongside ‘Waiting For The Tide To Turn’, both tracks offer a positive shift in direction. These songs also work to maintain the steady drumbeat, which outlines the rhythm of this album. 


Lastly, the final track ‘Not Enough Love In The World’ solidifies this EP as a cyclical journey of experience, in a tribute to the importance of creativity and collaboration during challenging times. The catchy rhythm, jam-packed with percussive backing, makes the song a parade of sentiment encompassing the collaborative involvement of this star-filled musical project.


The EP is testament to Ringo’s ability to effortlessly produce catchy and uplifting music with  cheerful, hand-clapping rhythms.  Though the tracks are fragmentary in tone and style, they force connection through their solid beat and symbolic resonance to reflection of the past and optimism for the future. Sharing a glimpse of life before and during the pandemic, the overarching message casts a hopeful ray of sunshine onto the universal experiences of connection and togetherness.


It’s an album that lends itself perfectly toward brighter times.


By Sophie Wilson.

IG: @sophawils

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