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INTERVIEW: The Lowtones "We love that ‘sound’ of the 80’s"

If you're looking for high-energy drums and driving bass lines, let me introduce you to The Lowtones. With heavy punk influences and an EP in tow, the four Norwich-based lads are set to conquer the indie music scene. Tackling themes of loneliness and isolation with their sonic ensembles, their heavily DIY cuts are a force to be reckoned with.

Despite never having never played a live show due to COVID-19, I can all but guarantee their stage performances will be a rousing success.

Having just released their self-titled full-length debut effort, I decided to catch up with the boys to discuss their offering and the story behind their origin.

For anyone unfamiliar with your music, who are ‘The Lowtones’?

We are a four-piece post-punk/new wave band from Norwich. The band is; Oli ‘Mav’ Mavilio on vocals, Jack Abbott guitar, Tim Cary bass, and George Abbott on drums.

Where did the band name come from?

(Tim) I think it was George’s suggestion (although I’m not totally sure) on a night in the pub. Just felt right as we often lower the tone – musically and socially. Has that ‘outsider’ quality to it, which fits.

Your songs could easily be out of the The Smiths, New Order era of music, are there any bands you take particular inspiration from?

(Jack) We wear our influences on our sleeves. We love that ‘sound’ of the 80’s post-punk and new wave bands like The Smiths, The Cure, Echo, and the Bunnymen, Joy Division, Depeche Mode and I think that comes through in our music. I feel like modern music is missing some of that attention to style those bands had. There was definitely a look and feel to the music from that scene.

(Mav) Lyrically we are heavily influenced by the likes of Robert Smith and Nick Cave. They have that melancholy style, but with an unapologetic ‘fuck you’ undertone and we love that combination.

What’s the story behind the opening track ‘Berate me’?

(Mav) ‘Berate Me’ was written about rejecting the ideals, traditions, expectations of others and relishing in their despair, in order to live more freely 

If you could support any band on tour who would it be?

(Jack) If we had a time machine I think we would all love to go back and support The Smiths in their pomp. Recently, we’ve all been listening to a lot of Interpol, especially the Turn On The Bright Lights album, so supporting them would be a dream come true.

Have you got any exciting new releases in the works?

(George) We only released our debut album The Lowtones in March, so the priority is going to be getting out and playing it live (when we can). That being said, we have already started writing some new material with a slightly different sound. I think once we have a couple of more songs demoed we will start to think about recording a second album.

How has lockdown affected your workflow/ how you operate?

(George) Massively! We formed about a month before the first lockdown and so have pretty much only existed in this post-COVID world. It has made it incredibly difficult to get together to work on songs in person or practice playing live, but on the other hand, it has allowed us to focus on writing songs so despite the logistical difficulties we have been really prolific.

(Tim) For this record and the EP before it, we had to do things very differently. We’d share ideas on Whatsapp, Mav would make up demos on his laptop, then we would basically learn our various parts as we were recording them (when the various lockdowns eased enough for us to meet). Mav managed all the recording, mixing, and mastering on his laptop. It is definitely not the way you would set out to write and record an album, but actually, it was a good experience and we (think) we made it work to produce something we are really proud of.

What’s your dream as a band?

(Jack) To make music professionally for a living. If we can’t achieve that, then to produce a body of work that stands the test of time and play some shows and have some fun.

Do you have a favourite venue that you’ve played as a band? (and why?)

(George) Due to COVID, we are yet to play a live show! We have our first gigs booked in for the Waterfront in Norwich on the 28th of October – hopefully, we can get a couple in before then as things open up again.

My favourite track off the new album is ‘Second Chances’ – could you tell me more about it?

(Mav) ‘Second Chances’ came from quite a dejected state of mind. A second chance is a gift that very few of us receive, or indeed, deserve

Lana Williams
Image: Provided by PR

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