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To Reverie and Beyond, FLAWES are flying high

With the recent release of their new EP Reverie, FLAWES have debuted a new chapter in their story and a new era in their career with the EP, its concept and its accompanying theme. The trio have like so many others had the wind knocked from their sails in 2020 with the global pandemic; but that wasn’t going to stop them from doing what they love and so they set to work learning new skills and utilising their existing musical talent and the result is something truly special in the form of Reverie

The Reverie EP is a form of light in the darkness we’ve all had to endure, its offers a little bit of everything. The 6 track EP gives listeners a mixture of upbeat pop songs that induce the feeling of joy and happiness in Holding Out For the Win, the more emotional ballad style numbers that you can get lost in with I Don’t Quit for No One and the songs that you can’t help but get lost in like Move Over; and it also sees a collaboration with Mali-Koa in Higher Than Before that feels like the song that ties the upbeat pop, with the emotional ballad and the escapist number to lose yourself to. 
The EP is a true testament to FLAWES, it showcases the band’s diversity and true talent with 6 tracks that are good enough to stand alone as singles and when brought together make a beautiful soundtrack to a brighter a happier world for listeners to escape to. In such trying times for the world, it was nice for people to find some relief and positivity in the form of FLAWES and their music.

I had the chance to chat with the band to talk all things Reverie and to chat about their livestream gig A Night of Reverie.  

Hi guys, congratulations on the awesome new single Higher Than Before with Mali Koa. How was that experience for you guys? 

JC – It was great, I’m a big fan of Mali’s so when she said yeah after we reached out to her I was buzzing. She definitely brings the song to a new level and she’s super easy to get along with. Writing her part was the quickest part and we’re super pleased with how it all turned out.

The video looked like it was a lot of fun to shoot how was the filming for you guys? 

Freddie – it was good, there was obviously a trampoline that was quite a big feature of the video and getting comfortable took a little while. 
Huss – We got like a 12ft trampoline but with no safety net so it was a bit sketchy. But it was a lot of fun planning it and jumping on a trampoline for a bit.

Today is the official release day of your new EP Reverie. How are you feeling now that it’s finally out there? 

JC – yeah it feels so good, we’ve written it over the last year and this time has been so intense and different to any other normal year so it feels to be great to be out. We’ve got all this new music out which means we may not get to play everything live so it’s a shame some of it may never get to be played live.

Do you guys each have your favourite song from the new EP?

Huss - Mine relates to playing it live – What’s A Boy To Do which was the second single we released. It’s a whole load of fun to play on the drums and it feels like a big burst of energy.
JC – I would probably say I Don’t Quit For No Oneits more of a chilled and kind of down moment on the EP and it’s something we haven’t really done since the early days so its nice to go stripped back, bare bones, nowhere to escape sort of thing. 
Freddie – My favourite changes day by day but in rehearsals I’ve loved playing Holding Out For the Win

As well as the new EP, you guys have also got big news with your ‘A Night of Reverie’ live stream coming up on Tuesday. Can you give a little more insight into what to expect from event? 

Huss – Lots of smiles, lots of energy and probably quite a lot of sweat and it will be the first time we’ve been on stage together to play and perform this music. There’s a lot to look forward to
JC – There’s lots of old songs and a bunch of new songs, from highlights and reverie and Mali is also gunna be joining us as well.

How are you guys feeling about the event itself? 

JC – We live for playing live its kind of what we do and I think the biggest thing is getting a direct reaction from the audience and obviously we won’t have that so I think it’s gunna be interesting we are gunna have to find our energy from each other.

What are you most looking forward to about the event? 

Freddie - For me being in a room to rehearse was the first step but being on an actual stage is going to be amazing because it’s totally different playing together and having a proper sound system and being in a venue.
Huss - There’s those pre stage butterflies those last minutes in the dressing room where we put on our favourite song and have a little dance together and walk down to stage, that apprehension before you go on stage. Our pre show song is Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel. It’s been like a FLAWES pre show ritual for the last 4/5 years.

What’s it been like getting back together and rehearsing with each other again? 

Freddie – it’s been great we’ve all done it really safely so we’ve all had covid tests and made sure we are safe and knowing we are all negative on the day puts our minds at ease and it feels more like it used to which is like a breath of fresh air. Just being able to hang out in person is so great it made me realise that playing music is what we do, it felt like a distant memory.
JC – it was more like a moment of oh yeah this is how we do it, I remember how to play this
Huss – Being around each other again its lovely and playing stuff in rehearsals we always come up with oh we could do this and those magical moments we don’t get when we aren’t in a room together so to watch it come together is gunna be cool.

Do you think depending on how the event goes, that maybe you’d be open to doing another one? 

JC – We will see how it goes, hopefully it will be a good experience but ask me again the morning after what I think.  The idea of being able to reach people who would never have been able to see us before then, we’ve had a lot of people message that say they’d probably never get to see us live so they’re looking forward to it. It’s cool that everyone can be in it together.
Freddie – That’s also why we wanted to make it free because we wanted it to reach as many people as we could, a nice night for anyone that wants to watch it. 
Huss – it all ties in to the Reverie concept as well it’s a safe space where someone can just switch off and have a nice night and enjoy themselves.

Have you guys already got plans for what’s next or are you just going to take the time to enjoy the release of reverie for a while? 

JC – As soon as it’s safe to do so we will be playing live and playing actual shows. Then we haven’t stopped writing so I’m sure there will be new songs and new things coming up.

Be sure to check out FLAWES on all social media outlets and you can find their new EP Reverie on all music platforms. 

-Georgina Shine

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