Sunday, March 14, 2021

Blu De Tiger continues her reign as the queen of the bass guitar in new single ‘Vintage’

With only a few songs in her discography, Blu De Tiger has already created an identity for herself, and has an unmistakable style, both in her fashion and her music. From hearing the first few bars of the song, and that sublime groovy bassline, this song is unmistakably Blu De Tiger.

I think the thing that is so quintessentially brilliant about all of Blu's discography is the way she spotlights the bass, taking it from an instrument generally assumed to have the role of a backing track to front and centre on stage; as a bass player myself this approach fills me with excitement - perhaps a new chapter is beginning for the bass, finally giving it credit for the amazing and versatile instrument that it is. 

It feels as if there is no better way to describe this song than as an anthem; with its distinctive, groovy bassline and velvety vocals, ‘Vintage’ seems like the closing song of a gig. Aided by the spotlight on Blu throughout the accompanying music video, it isn’t hard to imagine a crowd singing along tunelessly, sweating and tired (one can only dream at the moment - gigs are but a distant memory). The line ‘I found him in a moshpit’ undoubtedly confirms the idea that this song would be greatly received by a crowd.  

The hook ‘I’m a vintage girl, hanging with the flashback kids/I need a vintage boy for my outfit’ is nothing but addictive; trust me, it will never leave your head. Another thing I can’t help but notice in this song, is that it is quite different from Blu’s others, but with its bassline making it instantly recognisable. The song doesn’t have the same bubblegum atmosphere to it as a track like ‘Figure it Out’, however there is no doubt that it is a Blu De Tiger song from its smooth, funky bassline. 

‘Vintage’, is a song essential to any playlist. It’s the kind of track to listen to anywhere, whether it's singing in the shower, dancing in your bedroom, or on the morning commute to school or work, ‘Vintage’, and its bassline, will help strike a smile into your day. 

You can listen to ‘Vintage’ on all major streaming platforms, and watch the music video on youtube.

-Daisy Rought-Oram


Image: Genius Lyrics

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