Saturday, March 06, 2021

Sol Paradise and the influence behind his brand new track Tranquil Life

Native Londoner and one-man band Sol Paradise has landed and enlightening our earbuds with ‘Tranquil Life’. He is an artist who has taken inspiration from all kinds of music and his sound is inspired by everything he listens to which is why it is quite hard to pinpoint a specific genre to his music.

He likes to compare his style to Steve Lacey who made a big impact on Sol’s life. Lacey taught him that having your own unique production style is a good thing and you need to embrace that and let the people know that this is what you can do. 

The song has 32,000 streams so far which tells you life is looking bright for Sol. The song has a nostalgic fuzzy summer feel to it and makes you dream of happy memories you once had in the good weather enjoying yourself with a drink or two.

On the flip side the track really hits a chord with how many of us are feeling at the moment during these recent lockdowns. Sol explains how you know exactly where you want to be and how it could feel but also its the struggle of actually getting that place where you are dreaming of.

The music video that accompanies the track also has a strong nostalgic vibe to it. It looks like it was shot on a 90’s camera and the style is also heavily influenced by the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The video aesthetic perfectly fuses with the modern world of fashion and art styles.

Even though Sol has spent a long time perfecting his craft in music production and singing, he also has a love for fashion and clothing. He has explained on Indie Groove Music Blog about how he despises how artists can just charge so much for basic merchandise; he really wants to elevate the market with his clothing line and believes that it is really important people are paying for items that are long lasting and good quality. The tshirts he has designed have a dainty paisley pattern with an embroidered logo which is totally unique. The clothing line was released after the Tranquil life music video dropped. They are limited stock and featured on his website so be sure to check them out. 

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