Saturday, March 06, 2021

Ariel Posen – Now I See - Is He Just Eye Candy?

Ariel Posen, for those who don’t know of him, isn’t just a bit of a heart throb, he’s a wonderfully talented guitarist from the nation we all love, Canada. 

Ariel’s new song “Now I See” from his upcoming release “Headway” (March 5th) Forgive me for making a subtle pun but I think he’ll be making Headway with this song.

If you could imagine what a love child of Bruce Springsteen and John Mayer would be, then this is probably what you would have in mind. As a musician myself, I can’t help but analyse all the little intricate details in his playing…however his voice takes over and you can’t help but be lost within his subtle tones. 

There is definitely a vibe of country in the music, with a essence of blues added in to make the overall feel of the song become relaxing to your ear. You can close your eyes and imagine yourself driving down a coastal road in Malibu with a soft top American muscle car, which lets agree, we would all love. 

The lyrics “Now I See, The Road Unwinding” is a perfect metaphor the recent times during COVID, we may all take away a different meaning from this, but we could agree that the road maybe long and arduous, but it always finds a way to resolve. When you watch him sing the lines, you can see emotion and pure feeling in the soft brown eyes, that any person would look into and find themselves going gooey-hearted…

All in all, this song is just as good on the ears and his perfectly defined looks. A must listen for all music lovers.

Josh Castle


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