Sunday, March 28, 2021

MarthaGunn ooze celestial vibes with the debut of new single 'Honest'

Brighton based indie-rock band MarthaGunn have delighted fans with the release of their latest celestial single ‘Honest.’ Comprising five best friends Abi Woodman, Max Hunter, Humphrey Luck, Ally Mackay and Frankie Sparrowhawk, this is the band’s first music in 2021, following their EP ‘Caught Up & Confused’, and follow-up single ‘Nowhere To Run’ in 2020. 

The multifaceted band have amassed a slew of praise which has crystalised reviews on CLASH, Independent, Dork and The Line of Best Fit. MarthaGunn has also featured on both the BBC Introducing Track of The Week and John Kennedy (Radio X). Their music is an amalgamation, sampling the rock elements from Fleetwood Mac, vocals of Florence and The Machine, the sonic cues from indie-pop trio Haim and the ambient and contemporary sound of R&B legend James Blake.

‘Honest,’ was originally featured on a Communion 7 a few years ago but has been slightly revamped and then re-released in 2021, spawning a crisper and cleaner sound. The song is beautifully stoic, yet fragile, and encapsulates the fleeting nature of life. The magnetic indie-pop tune interlaces strands of love, trauma, loss and growth. Hauntingly catchy, Abi’s vocals are silky smooth and really come into full effect at the euphoric chorus. The lyrics feel poetic and are soaked in nostalgia. MarthaGunn paints such a vivid picture with their colourful word choice. However, the song is rife with adversity and pain. Frontwoman Abi recalls: “I want [our music] to be able to help people in some way,” and their music does exactly that. ‘Honest’ is a hot water bottle for the soul.


Shot in the 90s, the music video was filmed by Abi’s dad and more recently edited by the singer. ‘Honest’ is a love letter to Abi’s mum who has remained a beacon of light for the singer and a pillar of support. Abi describes the meaning of the song best: ”For me ‘Honest’ is about a few things. It’s the death of the person you were before a trauma. The grief you feel, knowing that person will never exist again and that you will always see life through new eyes due to experiencing something major. She continues, “It’s also about the fear of failure and the shame associated with that. The fear of not living up to your own or people’s expectations of you. The only way to move through a painful time is to grow from it. I find that if you don’t choose to grow and keep moving, things become stagnant and you will become depressed.” 


Let’s face it. ‘Honest’ is a deliciously catchy tune meshed with all the magical components we would hope for in a song. As well as producing such magnificent singles, MarthaGunn is keeping busy by embarking on a virtual tour since their tour was cancelled due to Covid. Aside from that, one thing is certain: I am GUNNing to hear the bands’ next killer track.

Jaina Pankhania

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