Sunday, March 28, 2021

Lizzie Reid’s emotional debut EP Cubicle

Cubicle is a touching tour through the ups and downs of the end of a relationship. There are many aspects of the album that draw you in, where you can’t help but relate to not only the devastation of the end of a relationship, but Lizzie expertly captures the smaller moments of melancholy. 

The moments that come as time passes and your path veers further and further from a lost love, a moment that Lizzie has captured in Seamless as she sings “You asked how’s my sister, the wedding’s next summer and I’m sad that you won’t be there.”

This introduction to Lizzie Reid is perfect for an artist who has been pegged as one to watch in the Scottish music scene. Reid’s music has been highly praised, earning her a spot on BBC Radio One and Spotify’s official playlist Scotify, as well as comparisons to Sharon von Etten and PJ Harvey.

Reid recorded the EP with producer Oli Barton Wood in her Glasgow home just as the pandemic hit the UK and its obvious as it’s created a feeling of intimacy that helps to capture the sincerity of the album and Lizzie’s lyrics.

Seamless pulls you with its warmth. This song feels grounded and earthy. Reid’s vocals reflect the lyrics as she softly and effortlessly treads through the song and its melody. This track is raw as Lizzie explores the heartbreak of losing her first love and it is masterful in its sincerity and you cannot help but be drawn in by the depth of feelings Lizzie has explored.

Company Car is a highlight of the album. The reverb on Reid’s vocal pairs perfectly with the jazz swing of the song, bringing a brightness to the album. Lizzie immerses us in the overwhelming feelings that you have for a first love while exploring her own sexuality and struggles as a queer woman as she sings “There’s a million different reasons I wish I could love a man the way I love you.”

The titular track, Cubicle, brings the EP to its conclusion, making the album feel whole as it rounds off the experience with over a minute of instrumental as the track fades out.

With this only being Lizzie’s first EP, there’s plenty to look forward to from the Scottish singer. This EP is a strong introduction to the artist and leaves us with high expectations for her future projects.

Ciara Giblin
Picture by Chris Almeida: 

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