Tuesday, March 02, 2021

London-based band Sorority have released ‘That Feeling’s Gone’, their funkiest number by far.

The record which has been taken from their new EP ‘Legalise Love’, has a groovy, nostalgic, surf pop sound with a blend of harmonising vocals that go perfectly together like Sid and Nancy… but don’t be fooled, visually, the singer portrays a punk-like persona who you are intrigued by instantly. 

At the start of the track, there is a menacing cackle which slowly fades and then we delve straight into the rosy upbeat music which creates a disturbed sense of uneasiness which is followed by an impressive jazzy sax solo. Sorority have experimented with a range of genres prior to their latest release, from psychedelic rock to indie pop with ‘Three Wheels’ and ‘Sawdust McQueen’. 

The single, which was recorded in the band’s home studio, is an honest account of a relationship between lovers and how there are still ‘unique pleasures’ no matter how rocky the stability of the relationship is.  

Although the band does not conform to one style, in an interview for Brain Child Festival, they said: “if you love what you’re making then it’s worth it”- the sincerity of the band is clear and the enjoyment in what they create musically and visually shows. 

The music video which depicts an apocalypse has a resemblance to Terry Gilliam’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, with a fusion of The B-52’s, a combination that we would never would have thought we’d have seen and yet we are so glad we did. Set in a basement, the band is playing to a zombie-like audience who are infected by the music, a somewhat reminder of going to gigs in the dingiest (yet best) of venues.  

Sorority are a band to watch out for. If the standard has been set with their latest single, then we will follow the group closely in anticipation as we will expect the very best. 

Legalise Love EP is out on the 14th of February. ‘That Feeling’s Gone’ is available now to stream on Spotify. The music video is a must see, so get cracking! 

Hannah Bray
Twitter: HannahLouiseBr8

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