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Los Angeles based rock-band Cherry Glazerr have dropped the second single from their upcoming album, and it doesn’t disappoint. ‘Big Bang’ delivers exactly what it promises, an unnerving pop-rock banger that is equal parts catchy, heartbreaking and unnerving.

It is clear that the trio – consisting of lead singer Clementine Creevy, bassist Sami Perez and drummer Tabor Allen - haven’t lost their ability to create eerie pop bangers.

 In a music industry that is still rather thin on the surface with female-fronted rock bands, Cherry Glazerr are growing, and the future looks bright. This song is a demonstration of their ability to straddle several genres, and tie it all together to make something altogether unique...

As Clementine herself has pointed out, the song has elements of a 2000s pop sound. This y2k energy goes surprisingly well with the acoustic guitar present throughout the track.  It is accompanied by a cover that is as y2k as it comes – showing an image of a giant Clementine in a matching denim bralette and thong jeans, against a heavily distorted cityscape background. 

The interspersion of downbeat drumming and droning synth bass make for a sound that is altogether unsettling. The sound is reminiscent of the sound of Grimes’ latest album, Miss Anthropocene.  Such an unsettled mood ties into the song’s lyrics – the underlying problems of a relationship. Big Bang explores the difficulties of coming to terms with a relationship that is toxic and was doomed from the start. 

The song was recorded with Jen Decilveo, who produced their previous single ‘Rabbit Hole’. Decilveo has worked with many female-fronted rock and alternative acts in the music industry, such as Hinds, Porridge Radio and Bat for Lashes to name a few. It is incredibly exciting to see that in recent times, so many female-fronted acts like Cherry Glazerr are rising to prominence in a largely male-dominated genre. 

The song provides fans with a hint of things to come from the group’s fourth studio album, the follow up to 2019’s ‘Stuffed and Ready’. Cherry Glazerr never shy away from experimentation, and the fans are on board too – including myself! The band’s sound is evolving, and I cannot wait to hear more from them.


You can listen to Big Bang now on Spotify:

Saskia Norman

Instagram: @saskiaxena

Image: Cherry Glazerr on Twitter

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