Monday, March 22, 2021

Jody and the Jerms rescue us with their feverish single ‘Get Me Out’

Jody and the Jerms have debuted the searingly addictive single ‘Get Me Out’ on February 15. The Oxford indie-pop group assembled in 2019, and since then have found their groove in a 90s influenced indie genre. ‘Get Me Out’ is the sextet’s first release of 2021 since their debut album ‘Deeper’ which came out last year via JATJ Records. 

Comprised of band members Jody, Niall (Jody’s husband), Alex, Peter, Robert & David, their songs ’It’s All Up To You’ and ‘Deeper’ have been promoted on a myriad of radio outlets such as BBC Introducing, Radio X, BBC Ulster, RTE and Sirius XM. 

The breakout band have also attracted a slew of praise, spawning reviews on XS Noize hailing their “seemingly effortlessness melodies and choruses which embed themselves in your head for days.” Dangling a foot in the Spanish limelight, the collective has also received layers of support from various media and public in the country.  ‘Get Me Out’ was mastered in a rehearsal room in St Clements prior to the latest wave of lockdown. The track arrived with perfect timing as we are reminded of the loneliness and intrinsic frustration that is caused by COVID19. At least the song is an absolute bop and we can dance around our living rooms in our pyjamas to the groove.


‘Get Me Out’ is sprinkled with traces of ABBA and Fleetwood Mac (especially the Rumours era) and the sweet-natured indie of Belle & Sebastian. There are also echoes of Kirsty MacColl vocally, and accents of The Smiths in the upbeat instrumentals. The song also leans in on The Magic Numbers vibe with its delicious guitar riffs and encompasses the gritty rhythmics from Bobby Picket in ‘Monster Mash.’ ‘Get Me Out’ feels country, but it’s also a little bit punky that’s been dipped in pop. With the vintage rifts and an epic guitar solo reminiscent of Queen, ‘Get Me Out’ is ridiculously catchy and a total sugar-rush. The contrast of the intense wriggly guitar-riffs and clashing of the drums against the unstressed vocals is sensational. This track is feverishly catchy yet endearingly shy. Once you hear it, you have to listen to it again, and again. And then again.


Rooted in restlessness and melancholy, their music video was filmed in a garage which gives it a nice grunge punk vibe. Jody and the Jerms homemade video can be viewed here: ( 

With the gentle transitions and black and white visuals, we can feel the nostalgia, underpinning the entire song. The breezy song is ridden with themes of change and hope and depicts small-town suburban boredom and the yearning to escape that naturally springs from it: “Get me out of here, I’m screaming, I need something new…” sings Jody Jeger. Picture adult reflections of a teenage dream. In the music video Jody’s vocals are effortlessly laid-back and cool. Featuring landscapes of moody mountains and roads pointing to nowhere, we can sense the band’s motivation to be somewhere new. And I really hope that ends up being an epic UK tour post Covid.

Jaina Pankhania

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