Sunday, March 21, 2021

Eades' new single 'Former Warning Cluster' could be the track of the summer

After Reading and Leeds Festival announced that their biggest outdoor event would be returning to the field this summer, a follow up of more gigs could be on the horizon, for a band like Eades this is only the beginning and their coming-of-age sound could be the best dose of sunshine. 

The Leeds-based quintet have released their latest single ‘Former Warning Cluster’ on the Heist or Hit Records label, who have also signed with acts such as: Hannah’s Little Sister, Jwestern and Tungz.  The group are self-proclaimed as “David Byrne and Lou Reed’s dyslexic child playing out of a Motorola Pebl” and to summarise, what more could we possibly ask for? 

“Channeling” the likes of The Velvet Underground, Talking Heads and The Strokes, Eades have formulated a single that will satisfy your musical cravings… so get ready. 

The record has a low-fidelity, new wave guitar, garage rock edginess featuring some use of synth- with an intro Gary Numan would be proud of. The vocals are raw and energetic, with a likeness of Damon Albarn juxtaposing nicely throughout. 

Having all met at the Leeds College of Music, the band had initially been brought together on a creative project which shortly led to becoming a full band, consisting of Harry Jordan (Vocals, Guitar), Tom O’Reilly (Lead Guitar), Jof Cabedo (Drums), Dave Lancaster (Bass) and Dan Clifford-Smith (Synths, Vocals, Percussion). 

Filmed in Leeds, the music video is set outside numerous buildings across the city featuring the Woodhouse Lane Car Park and the Roger Stevens building- which did also appear in the original music video for Pulled Apart By Horses- The Big What If? (As well as also being ranked one of the ugliest buildings in the UK by The Tab), showing that the band are proud of their Yorkshire roots and inviting us to see it whilst eliminating any ‘glossiness’.  

Previous singles from the band include ‘Same Guy’, ‘Forgive My Mind’ and ‘Forget What You Want’- which are also ones to add to your summer 2021 playlist.  

'Former Warning Cluster' is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Hannah Bray

Twitter: @HannahLouiseBr8


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