Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Down Days? Not for long with Charlotte Jane’s encouraging brand-new track

Yorkshire based singer Charlotte Jane gets utterly real with us, with her latest single ‘Down days’. A song so fitting to everyday life, and completely relatable to almost everybody with her hitting you where it hurts, type of lyrics.

‘Down Days’ is all about being OK, battling with your demons (or in this case, more of a monster) and how it is fine to feel this way sometimes. The song, although written pre–coronavirus, reflects the current year well, mirroring the ups and the downs of the human mind. 

Some lyrics are very fitting to the current climate and mood of the past year, “I’m not falling back, I’m stumbling aside”, shows a way with words which puts life into perspective and highlights how it is never as bad as it seems. “They’re bound to come around more than once in your life” is more factual if not anything else, tells us ‘Down Days’ do quite literally come and go. 

To accompany the track, Charlotte directed and filmed her own music video, a video which showed what it was like to live in her mind and the troubles of her own thoughts and doubts that can creep up in the most inconvenient way. 

The video, self–recorded by Charlotte (extremely well!) shows quite literally how the ‘monster’ in your head can show up from the minute you get out of bed, right until you close your eyes at night. The ‘monster’ is played by Jessica Beard, accompanying Charlotte throughout the video, revealing the vulnerability of herself and the exhaustion of never completely being alone. 

From intimate shower shots to running in the park, she emphasises how it’s ‘ok to not to be ok’ and in full honesty, reflects how she feels. The video goes onto accept and embrace the ‘monster’, showing once more how it is very normal to accept all parts of who you are, especially the down days when said ‘monster’ comes to visit.

Charlotte also has an upcoming EP called ‘Refuge’ out very soon with ‘Down Days’ being a preview of what more she has to offer. 

Skye Miller


Image: Charlotte Jane – Down Days Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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