Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Dark-pop princess Muki shrugs it off in 'I Make Boys Cry'

Muki’s ‘I Make Boys Cry’ is an electro, hyperpop tune that draws comparisons to the likes of SOPHIE, 100 Gecs and Charli XCX with its retro futuristic, glitchy aesthetic. Muki says the song was originally supposed to be a melancholic break-up ballad, stating “I had just gotten out of a relationship and was being made to feel guilty and responsible for upsetting my ex”.  

In the same interview, she said she “wanted to explore these darker themes but ended up twisting the messaging by sugar coating it with fun synths to make it sound spicy. Even though this song is essentially a ballad it is explored in the context of a wannabe Kylie Minogue dance anthem.” The transformation of the tune, from sombre ballad to electro pop song, gives a totally different vibe to the lyrics as she sings, “I make boys cry, I’m so good at goodbyes”. It becomes an unapologetic alpha anthem about letting go with no remorse, giving listeners a different introspective to many popular love songs as she takes responsibility for the breakup singing, His tears, they’ll shatter like glass on the pavement. Don’t know why it was me he put his faith in.”

‘I Make Boys Cry’ is accompanied by a 1-minute video, which is the second visual instalment in what Muki calls ‘The Mukiverse’. Muki reveals she “wanted to create this lazy work-out aesthetic with nonchalant ‘glam-aerobics’ attitude; bottles of rosé in place of weights and beautiful men bouncing on Swiss balls” for the visual. The Mukiverse has been described by the singer herself as a visual representation of “the crazy and delusional fantasies and the chaotic shit that happens in my brain”. The first instalment ‘Level Mind Fuck’ is a dark, eerie beginning to the Mukiverse story, whilst the ‘I Make Boys Cry’ visual makes you feel as though you’ve been pulled into a glittery, hypnotic dream much like the ‘wannabe Kylie Minogue’ aesthetic the singer envisioned.

Muki has plans on releasing her EP ‘Car Crash Through Your Heart: Part 1’ at a TBA date this year; following the singles the EP is anticipated to be a very exciting release for 2021.

- Lian Lakhope 


Image: Georgia Tullet - Press

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