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The Best Upcoming Bands From Manchester

Over the years Manchester has become a hub for some of the most exciting musical talent in the UK. From Morrissey to the Monkees, Manchester has been at the centre of musical history for decades now and is showing no sign of slowing down with a new wave of artists making their first steps into the spotlight.

1. M60 

This group of four young men from all around Manchester playing traditional indie rock and roll with a typical Northern swagger sounds like a story we've all heard before, but it's a story that usually ends with festival headline slots and arena tours. These lads are going to move on to bigger venues sooner rather than later and were ready to tour before the pandemic put that idea to rest. They have just released their latest single "Ashtray" which looks set to start their 2021 with a bang and kick off what should be a huge year for this band.

2. Covasettes  

The Covasettes are providing the definitive sound of Fallowfield. Hearing the chorus of "Top Drawer" instantly takes you to The Courtyard with a pint in hand by a pool table worrying about an essay that was due last week. After supporting "The Sherlocks" on their tour, they're beginning to garner a respectable following around the city and recently sold out the Deaf Institute before unfortunately having to reschedule the gig.

3. The Lathums 

There's no such thing as a sure bet, especially in the music industry, but if there was it'd look a lot like “The Lathums”. Their 2020 was absolutely huge for the band, they've signed a record deal and an album is on the way with the small matter of supporting slots with the Modfather himself, Paul Weller, and fellow Mancunions, “Blossoms”. Make no mistake, The Lathums are the next big thing and the best thing to come out of Wigan since they first put a pie in a barm.

4. Blanketman 

Manchester's proud post-punk tradition has lay dormant for a number of years now and the sad death of Mark E. Smith felt like a full stop to the movement, but Blanketman are here to revive that sound and more importantly that attitude. There's more than a hint of the Fall in their sound but it's complemented with lyrics that feel more sincere when compared to Smith's snark. Their recent single "Taking You With Me" ventures into a more disco-orientated sound that is sure to be a hit at live shows.

5. Callow Youth 

This young band from the East side of Manchester have burst onto the scene with a tremendous amount of swagger and the songs to back it up. Having recently been added to an impressive roster of bands courtesy of "42s Records", they look to be the jewel in the crown of the early days of the label as they look to work their way up right to the very top. 

6. Ist Ist 

One of the busier bands on this list, "Ist Ist" have treated us to a live album this year with their signature moody vocals and foreboding bass mixed with heavy underlying 80s synth. The atmosphere of their live shows is perfectly captured on the album and is one of the best releases in the early stages of this year. Under the management of the Northern champions of new music "Scruff of the Neck", the only way is up for this proudly unique group.

7. Reclaim Vienna 

Remember the 80s? Big hair, neon headbands and the birth of synth-pop. Though it's lay dormant for many a year, traditional synth-pop is making a comeback of sorts and no one is doing it better than "Reclaim Vienna". Their sound of the band is one that reminisces on the 80's without being bound by it, and when mixed with the Northern twang this becomes its own sound and stands alone as the champion of modern synth-pop.

8. Models 

"Models" show a different side of Manchester, one far away from the swagger associated with the city and instead embraces a more earnest, smooth pop sound that's closer to "Simply Red" or "The 1975" than "Oasis". Throughout the lockdown, "Models" recorded a number of live sessions that really showcased the bands spectacular talent, while fully embracing the pop-band culture Manchester has shunned for years.

9. The Goa Express 

"The Goa Express" demand your attention with their electric brand of fast-paced garage rock that has led to them being one of the must-see bands of the moment. Regularly attracting large crowds for their support slots, the band have come into their own recently with a legion of devoted fans across their adopted hometown (members of the band hail from as far as Burnley and Todmorden but their base of operations is indeed Manchester) and it's easy to see why.

10. See Thru Hands 

Self-described as "Talking Heads lost in Ancoats after dark", "See Thru Hands" brand of funky electronica is impossible to ignore. A band made for disco lights, "See Thru Hands" offer a radio-friendly sound that anyone can enjoy, with catchy hooks that'll stay in your head for days after listening and keep you coming back for more.

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