Thursday, February 11, 2021

“Real Growth Takes Time” - the new EP by Sody

British singer-songwriter Sody (otherwise known as Sophie Dyson) released her new six-track EP “real growth takes time” at the end of 2020.

Since she put out her first single “Sorry” in 2016 the now 20-year-old pop-singer has been impressing with her unique rich vocals and her raw and emotional songwriting. She mainly writes about ever-present topics like relationships, breakups and friendships in an introspective and relatable way, but she’s not afraid to put a lot of personal experiences into her work to craft songs that don’t really sound like others.

In contrast to her mostly acoustic and piano-based EP “I’m Sorry, I’m Not Sorry”, her new EP “real growth takes time” features piano and guitar-based songs and she experiments with more electro-pop sounds and drum-beats.

The opening track “butterfly” is the most pop-sounding one on the EP, but it surely remains emotional. With pretty personal lyrics like “I’ve been fighting all the time / I’m kinda feeling dead inside” Sody sings about struggling with mental health, but she's still a bit hopeful and reminds us that “real growth takes time” – just like a caterpillar needs time to transform and 'grow' into a butterfly.

On “hold it all together” she changes perspective and doesn’t primarily write about herself and her own struggles. Written about and for her mother, the song is a reminder to all of us not to be too hard on ourselves, that “you don’t need to be the one to suffer / it’s okay to cry and show what’s under / take care of yourself and show your colors”.
She often uses simple lines but has the incredible talent to create a beautiful atmosphere and move people with her music – not least because of her warm and raspy vocals and catchy melodies.

If you need a song to cry to, it’s probably “i’ll be there” with lines like “it wasn't my choice that I had to leave” or “I wish you knew that I was here for whatever you need”. But once again she’s optimistic, because “when you grow up one day we will meet again / yeah I hope that we will / 'cause I love you so much it hurts”. The calm piano and steady drum-beat perfectly carry her soothing vocals and warm melody.

In “scary part of me” she returns to the topic of mental health (“I guess I’m just in a bad place / I’m doin’ anythin’ I can to hurt you”) and in a recent Instagram story, she said that “time again” is about “good old heartbreak”, which is a less featured topic on this EP.
The final song “i’ve got you” touches on similar topics like “i’ll be there”: losing or having to leave someone. The piano ballad is yet another proof of Sody's incredible talent as a songwriter and singer, and that she absolutely deserves the attention.

All in all “real growth takes time” features honest and raw songs about friendship, heartbreak, mental health and family. Despite being emotional and sometimes heartbreaking, the songs and Sody herself still radiate feelings of reassurance and safety. On her social media, she wrote that “a lot of love, sweat and tears were put into these songs” and that the EP is a “collection of songs that shaped my 2020 for me, songs that I loved and that enabled me to feel inspired again”.

Lisa Reyer

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