Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Royal blood releases of the title track off their new album, Typhoons

The Brighton born rock duo band Royal blood is back with the release of the new single and title track of their upcoming album Typhoons, album out April 30th!

This song is the usual and well-known sound by royal blood that they have had over the active years of their career and just like their most recent album this song is going to be a massive hit with the recognisable drums that have a pop/ rock sound, that has also been described by fans as AC/DC meets disco, throughout the song give it the feel of Royal Blood that older fans are so used to hearing.

With the slow fade into the song helping build up the tension for the beat to drop to the song along with the guitar solo that is midway into the song this is one, as most of their songs are, is one to be excited about hearing live with the song that has a clear festival vibe towards it Like the title of the song, typhoons suggest this song is all about feeling trapped in a storm and just wanting to be on the other side of it. This is shown in the lyrics “I need waking up, I should face the truth, I could calm the storm, if I wanted to” is the clear indication that even though they are living through the storm it is one they can control and fix it but only if they are ready.

After this song was released on the 21st of January the duo went to Twitter to explain that “Typhoons is what it sounds like to be truly lost in your own thoughts to a hellish extent but also about how dark spells, much like storms are not permanent… This song was one of those special moments where the process didn’t resemble writing whatsoever. More like being tethered to the earth, receiving holy lightning. Look after each other and crank this until you see smoke."

This new single is a clear continuation of their first that was released in September from the new album, that is another small insight into the album that will be. dropping on April 30th, you are able to stream their new song typhoons along with preordering the new album.

Abbie Gray

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