Monday, February 22, 2021

Ritalin Revenge and Conald pair up for a jazzy lo-fi feat

Tongue in cheek jazz-hop that’ll make you think romance is alive and well.

Have you ever fallen in love? Have you ever wished that someone was always with you? Bath hip hop artist Ritalin Revenge clearly has, though not typically. For one I don’t think proclaiming yourself a “simp” for someone isn’t necessarily going to give you any positive attention. 

The jazzy and somewhat psychedelic instrumental certainly (for me) invokes a party where you’ve had too much and you’re trying to keep it together and not fall over from the sofa onto the floor. I can definitely imagine this track playing in the background via Spotify as a vibe, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

This song lyrically is quite cute with tried and tested, if not cheesy, metaphors and proclamations (“you know you’re a devil, I’m an angel so it works” is particularly good cheese). Vocally, Ritalin sounds almost like a dead ringer for rapper Loyle Carner with his inflections and accent sounding identical.

This is furthered by the jazzy keyboards hazily playing in the background, with Carner having collaborated with jazz band Ezra Collective in the past. Speaking of vocals, guest rapper Conald’s vocals don’t sound that well integrated into the track. I know lo-fi’s a legitimate aesthetic but, to me, Conald’s vocals kinda just float over the instrumental rather than being in the track if you get what I’m saying. There are moments also in the track where there are these reversed pieces of audio which gives the track a psychedelic vibe, even more so in the last moments of the song where the vocals are wildly panned from left to right. This party you’re at and you’re drunk? It got weird.

This track is very catchy and an absolute vibe despite the ridiculous premise. This has me interested in not only Ritalin’s past discography but also what’s in store for the future for this up and coming artist. With some tweaks in songwriting and production I think Ritalin is potential for indie success, he might land some big collaborations. We can only wait and see, for now though, give this track a shot!

Iestyn Williams



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