Monday, February 22, 2021

Mia Rodriguez is BEAUTIFUL & BITTERSWEET in her latest track

Mia Rodriguez may have initially found fame on TikTok, but the Australian star is now finding her feet in the world of music. At just 18 years old, the star has already released 3 singles since signing with City Pop records in late 2019 and she doesn’t seem to show any signs of stopping anytime soon. 

Her newest single BEAUTIFUL & BITTERSWEET is very much a track that is all about what is says on the tin with the lyrics being a tale of the pain in the pleasures of life and the dark side of some of the lighter things in life. She expresses this contrast in lyrics such as ‘that’s why we fight and make up in a day’ and ‘love, we got that kind of love, the one that cuts you deep’ to demonstrate the bad within the good and almost pulls back the curtain on love to show that it’s not all brightness and rainbows and show that in some cases there is this dark and almost toxic side to what people think is the perfect notion of love. 

Rodriguez has created a dark pop hit with the catchy beat that gets stuck in your head but layered up with the dark and dramatic intensity that is a refreshing change from the ‘sameness’ we are so used to hearing in pop music. 

She is able to make the sound of the song match its lyrics instead of masking the darker lyrics with a bubblegum style sound; she makes no bones about there being a darkness to her lyrics and her song. 

Rodriguez has produced an almost haunting sound experience with her usage of distorted deep backing notes combined with her softer voice and interspersed higher tones to emphasise the spectrum of contrast within the song. Her haunting and unique approach to the love song combined with the dark pop sound has cemented Rodriguez as one to watch not only in Australia but all over the world. She certainly feels like she’s here to mix things up and put her own style on the music scene with her almost goth like physical style and her alternative, dark pop musical style, she’s definitely one to watch. 

- Georgina Shine


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