Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Ready to get Lonely Together? Patience Single Review

What happens when you mix funky house music with a slight 90s vibe and catchy lyrics? Answer - Patience by Lonely Together. The single released earlier this January is the bands first release of 2021 and distinct from their previous releases in having a throwback sound that reminds you of a late 90s number.

Lonely Together is the brainchild of American artists Rosie Matsumo and Zach Cooks also known as SAFE TRVLS. According to their Facebook fan page, the duo from Bellingham, Washington met at Western Washington University before eventually forming Lonely together in 2018.

Their Facebook page describes their sound as Electronic Hip Hop. If so, that takes the band far away from Jay Z and closer to the likes of a Kanye or Major Lazer. Though it's upbeat, quirky lyrics and feel-good vibe easily distinguish it from comparison with either artist. 

The single features Matsumo's voice tunefully cascading over the beats as Cooks delivers the chorus. The band name Lonely Together implies the couple have each others' back - in a you and me against the world sort of way. Previous singles, including patience often feature broad topics such as loyalty, romantic yearning and in this case independence, separation and remorse at break up. 

Patience is more EDM than previous singles Close To You and Energy which suggest a stronger RnB undercurrent. Rosie starts by singing the lyrics sprechgesang; the upbeat tempo reminding one of Suzanne Vega singing Tom's Diner in the 1990 Remix and producing the same effect of needing to dance whilst Zach's vocals repeat the catchy chorus. The result is a very addictive contemporary EDM track. The sound would be best described as dreamy - the kind of song you need to zone out, chill, relax or get ready for a workout. The kind of song we need to hear more of and why I'll definitely keep my eye on Lonely Together. Until then I won't be running out of patience.  

Maryan Farah 


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