Wednesday, February 17, 2021

MEET... Phoebe Green

I first discovered Phoebe Green when I was messing about on Soundcloud at the tender age of 16, discovering that she had released a cover of Arctic Monkeys’ classic ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ with her younger sister, Lucy Green. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with her sound - no other young artist has even come close to influencing me as much as her music has or resonated with me on such a deep, personal level.

Hailing from Lytham St Anne’s in a rural part of Lancashire but adopting Manchester as her home away from home, Phoebe went from small town to big city to follow her aspirations of becoming a successful singer.

At 16, Phoebe impressively penned a full-length album, 2:00 AM, which she then recorded at 17 at home with her sister and then self-released it on her 18th birthday; an unbelievably impressive achievement for someone so young, even releasing merchandise to go along with it (not to mention it sold out). 

‘2:00 AM’ is an album that still holds up today, a catalogue of Phoebe’s teenage problems and the experiences that her younger self went through. It’s a phenomenal album and, whenever I revisit it (which is very often, for instance: right now), it gives me chills as it’s such an important album that inevitably shaped my teenage years and taught me invaluable life lessons.

Some of my stand out favourites from the album are ‘Drive,’ ‘Pure Blue’ and ‘A Phonecall’, but the whole album is such a potent statement and so important to delve in to in my opinion. If you’ve experienced trouble with romance, growing up or simply want to listen to a song written about Phoebe’s best friend ‘Isobel’ and resonate, then you should give her debut a listen. 

2:00 AM:

A Phonecall at Storage Sessions:

After releasing her debut album and garnering a few adoring fans, Phoebe went on to study Songwriting at BIMM in Manchester, where she met Charlie Marriot and Bibo Webb, who both then joined her band as drummer and guitarist. Shortly after, she signed to Chess Club Records, which would bring us three new singles; Dreaming Of, Easy Peeler and Reinvent - the latter two penned with the genius Juliette Jackson, lead singer of The Big Moon and all around impeccable songwriter. 

Since leaving university, the Mancunian powerhouse has gone on to support the likes of Mac DeMarco, Swim Deep, Courteeners and Sundara Karma which, to say the least, is quite an impressive feat by the age of 23. If you haven’t managed to catch her live yet, keep an eye on future announcements, she’s an artist you don’t want to miss. 

On the 3rd of December, Phoebe released her highly-anticipated four track EP, I Can’t Cry For You, which features previously released Reinvent, accompanied by brand new unheard tracks ‘Grit’ and ‘A World I Forgot’. First off, the artwork is flawless and captivates Phoebe Green’s music perfectly; it’s not often that artists decide to use photos of themselves on their artwork but Phoebe adds a touch of excitement to artwork that could have easily fallen flat if done by anyone else. 

If you’re a fan of Marika Hackman, Porridge Radio, MARINA, The Big Moon or Swim Deep, then you’ll have no trouble getting into Phoebe’s immaculate discography and her new EP.

 - Kamala Adams



Image: Rough Trade

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