Thursday, February 04, 2021

Orla Gartland brightens up our year with her new track 'More Like You'

The Irish singer Orla Gartland is back with new single 'More Like You'. 

This single, like most of Gartland’s music, has the indie-pop vibes that she brings to her music. This is the second single from Gartland’s upcoming new album so it is no surprise that this single is similar to her first of the album ‘pretending’ - whist having the same vibes - this song has a much more upbeat tone towards it.

With the lyric of “Oh, I heard it from a woman on the internet She told me to eat well and try to love myself” ties in this song with her first single 'Pretending' - who knows this might be a constant theme throughout her songs of her upcoming album/ep - this single art work is as the same as her first but looking out the window and showing different items that have been composition together of crazy things going on.

This song is about obsessing over someone so much that you want to mirror everything they do, this song works so well because it is something that so many people can relate to.

The lyrics “Look I don't wanna fight No I just wanna swap our bodies for a day” suggests that Gartland doesn’t necessarily feel angry at this individual but instead want to feel how they do within themself having their confidence and drive.

Making it to Spotify chart of the indie list proves that this song will become even more popular.  Overall this song has a pop sound to a subject that goes much deeper than the sounds of the song, stripping it back This is the song that you would dance around your bedroom to whist blasting it out the speakers as you look at your idols on the internet as many teen/ young girls can relate to comparing themselves to a multitude of people.

Overall this song is going to be a massive hit and get people who will listen to this song excited for any more new music Gartland will produce in the future. 

Abbie Gray 


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