Friday, February 05, 2021

Goat Girl take us on a sonic journey with new album 'On All Fours'

After the success of their self-titled debut album in 2018, Goat Girl returned with a new bassist Holy Hole, with her collection of synths, the quartet then dive into a new musical direction; but more importantly, a new album - On All Fours, was released via Rough Trade Records, once again, they are emerging from the South-London music scene, but this time, a different and expansive sound was created, as well as the themes. 


“I have no shame when I say step the fuck away” 


Pest, with its acoustic EDM sounds, and sharp and unapologetic lyrics, you would immediately know it is Goat Girl, the dreamy sound of guitar, rapid and bubbling synth, opened up the album and gives the listeners an idea of how the album would sound like 


Badibaba then takes us on a trip to the dancehall (sonically). The track has reminded us of the word “indie”; but interestingly, the members changed their positions while recording this song, with Ellie playing Bass, Rosy on guitar, Lottie on Drum; the distorted tunes of organ keys and bassline juxtapose the repetitive and meaningless “Ba-da-ba-di-ba-ba”. 


Jazz (In the Supermarket) is my favourite track on this album, its experimental instrument drew my attention very quickly, with a handful of soundscapes, a fine funky tune created by the bass keeps the listeners dedicate to the mysterious sound journey.  


P.T.S.Tea then comes up with very happy and relaxing melodies, but compared to the music, the song is about an upsetting story of drummer Rosy Bones who’s also the vocalist of the song, she got burnt by a man’s tea on the ferry, the band had to cancel the tour in the end.  


“Slippin' my hold / It comes and it goes / The feeling we're told / Isn't so” 


Sad Cowboy, acts as lead single of the album and also the end of the first part of the album. Lottie wrote the guitar riffs around on her voice notes (source: Apple Music), the jittery rhythm reminds me of the sound of Stereolabs; the song gives the listeners an idea of being idiotropic, with the singer (narrator) speaking of uncontrollable life and the inevitable disillusionment. 


Closing On, unexpectedly, funky and upbeat, drives the listeners into a wonderland, but the contrast between lyrics and music confuses you, just like how anxiety would confuse you.  Alternatively, Anxiety Feels then calms, starting with a depressing line “I don't wanna be on those pills”, clean instrumental with guitar line and drum, like self-murmuring, similar with the next track They Bite on You, but with more complicated instrumental organization. 


After a whole surprising journey through the whole album, the final track A-Men, cools down listener’s feeling with sonically softness and ambient, by using progressive guitar, low-key synth, harmonic chorus.  


Rather than being punk, lyrically sharp, or focusing on political changes, this time, On All Fours surely offers a more experimental, instrumental and groovy sonic experience for listeners; on the narrative aspect, more personal experience has been shared and mental health has been focused on. Goat Girl shows their much wider-scaled talent through this album, with the new member Holy Hole, indeed.  


Since March 2020, the indie music scene has changed, with no gigs, or only socially distanced show allowed occasionally, we still look forward to what Goat Girl will bring us in the future and reunite in the beloved Windmill Brixton where the band’s home of music is. 



Eva Leung 


Image:  The Upcoming

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