Wednesday, February 24, 2021

‘No Gloom’ by Rosehip Teahouse is an example of indie brilliance

An entrancing song, accompanied by a fittingly quirky music video, ‘No Gloom’ is an anthem for a generation defined by individuality. With its smooth guitar and hypnotic vocals, this track in no way means to try and change the world, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make it a more interesting and meaningful place to be.

The opening beats, together with a warm guitar strum, introduce the listener to the general feel of this nostalgic, reminiscent track. Along with the opening scene of the music video, the listener gets the impression that the minds of the band members behind it are palaces of artistic genius. We are shown a shot of an abundance of interesting and seemingly misfitting objects, all perfectly cohesive. From the very beginning, it becomes apparent that this song and music video are examples of musical brilliance.

After an introduction that definitely does justice to the overall vibes of the song, the listener is greeted with heavenly vocals, and lyrics that encapsulate the feeling of yearning for something, or indeed someone, that you can’t have. The bubbling, electronic motif that is prevalent throughout the song accompanies the vocals well, and the layers of guitar, drum  and bass mean that this song could certainly appear on Spotify's ‘Indie List’, and adds a classic band-made feel to a multi-layered song.

In terms of the music video, there seems nothing else to say except that I absolutely love it. It perfectly complements the atmosphere of the song; so simplistic in its setting yet contrasted by the plethora of motion and interesting features of the scene. I adore the floral garland winding its way around the microphone, and the amiable dog that is present throughout the video. The roller skates add a nostalgic touch, and one that undoubtedly fits the song and the rest of the video. What makes Rosehip Teahouse so artistically dazzling is that their sound is not necessarily fitting with any other existing artist; they are entirely their own in the best way possible. 

After the first listen through of this enchanting track, I was surprised that this incredibly talented band had merely 167 youtube subscribers; this is in no way a bad feat, but it can certainly be agreed that they deserve many more. With ‘No Gloom’ and their other mesmerizing tracks, Rosehip Teahouse have certainly established themselves as a very polished band, with much to contribute to the music industry. I very much look forward to seeing what they release next.

Daisy Rought-Oram 

@d4isy.eve on instagram

Image: Circuit Sweet

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