Saturday, February 06, 2021

Georgie 'simple things' - single review

Mansfield musician Georgie has released her newest single Simple Things - a song that features on her new album At Home and if this is any indication of what to expect from the album, then listeners can expect big things from the artist because her single is quite simple a masterclass in music. 

Simple Things is a beautiful and simple song that takes the listener on a dive straight into their heart and their mind. The purity of the piano melody and haunting vocals of Georgie herself make for a stunning sound and an almost euphoric style sound.

 The song is an elegant insight into the often overlooked moments in life that can sometimes mean to us than we realise or we give credit for. The lyrics depict some of these little moments such as ‘stay up all night, we got one more season’, ‘take off for a walk, explore with no reason’ and ‘FIFA all day, I think I can take you’; all of these seemingly mundane day to day activities are sometimes the most important ones, they’re the little moments we go back to and we repeat because we find solace in them, they bring little moments of solace and sanity in the craziness of life around us. 

One of the beautiful things about this song is that not only does Georgie pick up on the simple moments but she highlights them and the wonders of these moments. She emphasises the joy of these moments in the lyrics ‘I love it when we wanna be boring’ and ‘only we know, it’s those simple things’ she acknowledges that the moments she has highlighted in the song are simple and to some people are boring, but she knows that those little moments with the ‘simple and boring’ activities are actually far from it because they hold so much more meaning behind them. Those little simple moments are the things that keep you going, they are the safety blanket you wrap yourself in; and in the case of this song, they are the moments you share with someone else and just enjoy being together and sharing in those little moments of time together no matter how mundane they may be. 

For Georgie, Simple Things is a song that not only demonstrates her talent as a musician, but also as a song writer. She has shown that she has the skill and ability to take a topic that you wouldn’t necessarily think would be anything special and turn it into art, she’s given a whole new meaning and new life to the songs topic and made it not only interesting but also beautiful. Georgie is without a doubt one to watch on the music scene with her musical abilities and haunting voice the only way is up for this artist. 

- Georgina Shine


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