Sunday, January 17, 2021


Released: 15th January 2021

Record Label: Underdog via AWAL

Rating: 3 / 5

Surrey alt-rock group You Me At Six are back with their seventh album SUKAPUNCH. The 11-track LP sees a dramatic genre change for the 5 piece. Back in 2018, we began to see a shift in genre with the sixth album VI which saw elements of indie pop from ‘Back Again’ and ‘I O U’. This time, SUKAPUNCH brings so much more to new music and is their most expressive album yet.


Formed in 2004, You Me At Six achieved their first success with their debut album ‘Take Off Your Colours’ in 2008, which is a Pop-Punk essential to anybody’s playlist from their angsty teen years. Members consist of: Josh Franceschi (Vocalist), Max Halyer (Guitar), Chris Miller (Guitar), Matt Barnes (Bassist) and Dan Flint (Drummer).


Opening track for the new album ‘Nice to Me’ has an eerie yet dystopian feel whilst also being loud and bold. This song is going to be a crowd favourite when gigs begin again, especially with the chance to mosh to the max. The anticipation and exciting new sound from You Me At Six is going to be groundbreaking for many other bands and artists.


Album title and track title ‘SUKAPUNCH’ is the heartbreak anthem. The lyric ‘I rise from the wreckage that you left behind’ will for sure, be screamed back by thousands of fans. Although the song starts with an electro-dance style intro, the song fades back into the warming sound of Josh’s vocals. Nevertheless, an exciting track and will be an anticipated song to be heard live.


If you’re an old fan or someone who knows a few of their older songs, ‘Glasgow’ is the song to make you feel nostalgic of the times where you wore black ripped skinny jeans, black vans and checkered shirts. ‘Glasgow’ is similar to tracks like ‘Crash’ and ‘Take on the World’. A most definite fan favourite.


‘Voicenotes’ is a track that could be a contender for a big superhero film – you know where the superhero shows his downfall and it’s the woman of his dreams? Yeah, this is the track. The frustrated vocals which are powerful. The lyric ‘slipping through your fingers like a bad decision’ is a dominated favourite.


Final track ‘What’s it Like’ is different to most tracks by the band and is the boldest choice on the new album. Although, it does make an exciting finish and keeps us intrigued as to what will be next for the British group. The hybrid of rock, electronic, dance, R&B creates an enthralling song.


SUKAPUNCH explores so many new genres for the band, which makes it an interesting and fresh style for You Me At Six. As well as exploring new influences and experiences, with songs that explore different topics such as mental health, the Surrey lads never fail to disappoint.

This may just be the start to a very exciting year for the band.



Chloe Banks

Instagram- chloebanks__

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