Sunday, January 17, 2021

Girl In Red - We Fell In Love In October - RSD Exclusive Vinyl Release

The 20-year-old Norwegian up-and-comer has made the transformation from  bedroom pop star performing songs to the limited audience of her own four walls, to gaining more and more admiration across the world. All of which has culminated up to her global recognition and intrinsic sounds becoming an essential listen for all easy listening indie -pop lovers.

‘We Fell In Love In October’ a 2018 single from Norwegian DIY star Girl In Red (real name: Marie Ulven), has long been a streaming success, having racked up over 126 million global plays on Spotify alone. However this is not the only achievement of this track, which has seen a distinct and consistent rise in on-demand streams since the calendar turned to its title month.

This limited edition /We Fell in Love in October/ vinyl is the first physical embodiment of the song. It marks the 2 year anniversary and contains the original demo as its b-side. 

“Smoking cigarettes on the roof . You look so pretty and I love this view”

Ulvens ethereal realism presented across her lyrics always provides a poetic perspective. “We fell in love in October. That’s why, I love fall. Looking at the stars, Admiring from afar”

In her own words “Don’t bother looking down, We’re not going that way, At least I know, I am here to stay” Promises made, almost in prose.

Up coming news from the Norwegian powerhouse that vows to continue her lo-fi pop dominance,  comes in the form of  “Chapter 2”  A collection of lo-fi  jams she’s released throughout 2019, /Chapter 2/sees Ulven coming into her own as the latest in a long lineage of Norway’s pop prodigies (a la Sigrid, Aurora, Astrid S and many more), while also standing out from the crowd with her guitar-driven pop-rock sound.

— Patricia Poulton

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