Tuesday, January 19, 2021


This steadfastly alternative/indie band hailing from Wigan might still be in their infancy, but they’re making a name for themselves and their Single ‘I see Your Ghost’, is helping pave that way. 

“Our words are worth their weight in gold” opens the song and there couldn't be a more apt phrase that sets the tone for politics ’20/’21; listen further, however, and this song lends itself to a stock of songs on broken relationships and the haunting of loves lost. But this track is anything but downbeat- and it could be why I’ve had it on repeat all evening. 

The Lathums have taken a different turn than their usual style with something a little faster, shorter, quirkier even. Dare I call it charming? 

Nimble, choppy guitar takes centre stage. Percussion laces it together with rapid vocals and all I can think about is listening to The Smiths for the very first time.

The Ska beat bounces off their indie sound, rock tones and a looser rhythm forms a soundtrack to a broken heart and everything just feels right. The music video, on the other hand, hits a little different.

The grainy, Super 8 vintage style we’ve come to associate with the band in such a short space of time has been neglected, though Some things remain - a style synonymous with the seventies, of knitted polo tops, textured wallpaper and vintage teacups. But melded with Green Screen suit ghosts, Alex Moore’s head on a plater of lettuce and a lot of books hanging on threads; this playful video is exactly that. It is the work of video director James Slater, whose ability to add a peculiar angle on beautifully shot and well-crafted films brings music videos into a new era. 


‘I See Your Ghost’ ends too soon. Abruptly. Maybe a metaphor for the relationship in question? Maybe they just ran out of lyrics to write or sounds to make? Nonetheless, left wanting more, in my opinion at least, is the best form of flattery. 

They’ve already made Radio X’s top 10 artists to watch this year alongside Bloxx, Girl in Red and Inhaler. They debuted on BBC Two’s Later… With Jools Holland and managed to top the charts without an album. And in unprecedented times, making lockdown 2.0 a little sweeter, they played the stage of the iconic  Blackpool Tower for virtual audiences all over.   

‘I See Your Ghost’ seems like it could become identifiable as their staple sound, but it’s still early days.   

‘I See Your Ghost’ is available online and on vinyl. 

-Marianna Michael 


Image: https://www.nme.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/2020_thelathams_samcrawston_2000x1270.jpg

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