Monday, January 18, 2021

Kings of Leon Are Back!

Kings of Leon are back and we couldn’t be more excited, after the release of Going Nowhere in 2020 we sat patiently as we waited for their new album. Initially this album was due to drop in 2020 but because of the pandemic the release was delayed- and sometimes you find a rainbow in the rain, because the band have said having the extra time enabled them to really fine tune the sound for the album.

On this album the band really experimented with old sounds like synthesisers to create a cool vintage sound which you can hear on their single 100,000 people.

The Bandit and 100,000 People are the first two tracks to be released from their upcoming album, When you see yourself, due to be released this March. This will be the bands eighth studio album and their first full length release in five years - their last release being WALLS which was released in 2016.

Talking about the new tracks, Caleb told The Sun newspaper: "I try to write and convince myself that I’m writing about something else but a vein of my personal life flows through these songs. A lot of the instruments on this album, you could’ve heard on Pink Floyd or Beatles albums. We really dug deep to find the proper equipment.”

Caleb and the rest of the band did not disappoint, both tracks have very specific sounds - one carries the classic sound we are used to from the band while the other, almost hypnotic. 

The Bandit is almost like a memory - a reemergence of Kings of Leon of yesteryear, it will bring you back to days of Indie Rock in the mid 2000’s with the rumbling rhythmic rhythm of the drum that will penetrate your ears and get you moving - feeling 16 again. The progression and sound of the piece mildly resembles the sounds of the late 80’s and 90’s with a liking to The Pixies Debaser and Sonic Youth’s Teen Age Riot.

100,000 People may be a bit of a slow burn but it will take you on a journey, with it’s steady hypnotic groove and beautiful lyrical content. I initially stayed for the lyrics and not so much for the melody at first but as the piece progresses you feel like you were taken on a journey - coming out of a meditative state six minutes later. With it’s smooth melody and harmonies, it only highlights the talent and versatility of the band. The sound of this piece takes me back to the sound of the late 70’s, reminiscent of Hall and Oates with its catchy soft hook, cool melody and sultry vocals. 

The band have released the track list for the album, which will feature 11 tracks including the two singles released and is currently available for pre preorder in various formats including vinyl.The album is set to be released March 5th 2021 and if these two tracks are anything to go by this album will take us on a journey. 

The tracklist for ‘When You See Yourself’ is as follows:

  • When You See Yourself, Are You Far Away

  • The Bandit

  • 100,000 People

  • Stormy Weather

  • A Wave

  • Golden Restless Age

  • Time In Disguise

  • Supermarket

  • Claire And Eddie

  • Echoing

  • Fairytale

- Mary Raftopoulos

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