Tuesday, January 05, 2021

The Algea - Chloe Rodgers: Review

My heart is sinking into sleep/yearning for something that’s deeper... so begins the hook to Chloe Rodgers third single ‘Algea’, which clues you in to its nature. Rodgers conveys an air of melancholy through her whispery delivery and neatly accompanied by sweeping romantic strings which help to heighten this baroque ballad. 

The Algea is the third single by (Nottingham's version of the) X factor winner and artist Chloe Rodgers, the previous two being A Delphian Lullaby and Faces.

Rodgers seems to have a thing for Greek mythology as her third single also references the ancient lores. In Greek mythology, Algea were spirits who literally embodied human pain and suffering including grief and sorrow. Could the song then be from the perspective of  a long suffering algea? Or a mortal who has been cursed? 

The second part of the hook clears this up: I suppose/I should just take off my clothes for you/And all the things that you both do/ Maybe that can persuade you/To save some time for me. So the song is from a female point of view and addresses a male lover. There is a hint of sarcasm as she utters ‘I suppose’ possibly as it's not the first time she’s been objectified this way by her lover. But that doesn’t stop her from asking him to ‘save some time’ for her as she still seeks his validation. The more sensuous verses certainly imply that she is torn with her lover/tormenter before eventually realising her mistake.

She passionately affirms her own identity ‘Who on earth are you to tell me what i’m worth/ I'm not here for you to hurt’  repetitively to him (as much as to herself) as a declaration of self worth and dignity. The algae in the song refers to heartbreak but can also be used as a metaphor for toxic relationships which young women find themselves in due to naivety and inexperience. The Algea is a song that might at first be mistaken for any old pop song. It's dreamy composition may transport you first in a journey of despair ending in hope but it's feminist theme is what really speaks in the age of #metoo making it all the more relevant.

- Maryan Farah


Image: New Music: Chloe Rodgers – The Algea – York Calling

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