Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Harry Styles -Golden behind the scenes video review

Back in October 2020, Harry Styles released the video for his much anticipated single Golden and it went down a storm with fans across the globe. Then at the beginning of December he decided to give fans even more top content and some may even say an early Christmas present in the form of a behind the scenes look at the shooting for the music video. 

The behind the scenes look opens with the shoot date - September 22nd, and the filming location - Amalfi Coast, Italy. It then opens with a beautiful shot of the Italian cliff side before cutting to shots of Styles edited in the old school film reel style. 

The video is a compilation of shooting styles with the clips of content being displayed in the old school film reel style, clips from the music video itself and plain footage of the behind the scenes events that took place. 

In terms of its content the video is a short but interesting look into the process of not only shooting the music video, but shooting the music video during the global pandemic. In shots the crew and all those involved in the video are seen to be wearing masks and face coverings and Styles is also seen wearing at masks at some points of the video when he isn’t doing takes. 

The behind the scenes look into the shooting process shows a variety of sides to Styles personality and nature in that we get to see the focused and concentrated version of him during the filming of the scenes. But we also get to see the relaxed and fun side of him as we see clips of him joking around and having a laugh with the team he’s working with, which would have no doubt provided some much needed relief given the no doubt difficult and hot circumstances of the Italian heat combined with the safety precautions that needed to be adhered to. 

The video closes with a clip of the shoot finishing and the director yelling cut, before panning to Styles who is making his way to am awaiting car. We see him look into the background of his filming location and shout out ‘ciao ragazzi’ (hi/hey guys) which is followed up with the distant sound of voices; and it can be assumed these are the voices of fans who have been in and around the area of shooting hoping to catch a glimpse of Styles and what he has been filming. 

Overall, the behind the scenes video is 3 minutes of Harry Styles feel good content because we get to see not only the process of the video being made and the effort put in by both styles and his team; but we also get to see the beauty of the filming location and the stunning backdrop of Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Whilst, the behind the scenes video is a joyous and interesting look into the video shooting process; one of the big things to note is Style’s sheer joy. It is clear that although technically the shoot was work for Styles, it seemed to just be an enjoyable and fun experience because he looks genuinely happy throughout the video and if even an ounce of that happiness is able to radiate to fans then it’s safe to say the video was a success. 

You can check the video out here 

- Georgina Shine 


Image: Sony Music

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