Saturday, January 30, 2021

Oscar Lang – ‘Antidote To Being Bored’ EP review

Oscar Lang released his new EP in the UK on the 4th December, which happens to be his third EP in 2020. Putting a foot into the alternative chill indie scene, Oscar Lang, the British London based singer has been pretty busy during quarantine taking advantage of the time 2020 created. The world has changed for many, and Oscar has used this time to gather inspiration and get to work on incredible ideas and new sounds.

The self-taught producer says he writes and produces his music based on real-life experiences. His new EP is both thrilling and exciting with the nostalgic feels of the ’80s and 90’s British punk rock scene. Extremely distorted sounds and panning echoes from left to right are sounds that are familiar to some yet completely new to others depending on the generation listening.

Oscar Lang has always tried a different kind of styles in his music, so he isn’t afraid to switch it up when he wants to. This EP gives us a real insight into what he is capable of as an artist. Oscar clearly wants the world to hear his voice and thinking through his music, and it is clear that we can come to expect the unexpected from his talent.

The song named after the EP ‘Antidote To Being Bored’ almost feels like a psychedelic trip, with so many words going through your mind. The effect is almost otherworldly which is exactly the kind of escape you need in the UK’s third national lockdown.

Oscar has outdone himself with the ‘‘Something Has Changed’’ music video, which has a distinctly old school retro vibe. It’s like it needs to be played in a room filled with midcentury modern furniture to complete the sound with a matching aesthetic which is warm and golden. The song puts the listener in a chilled state of mind making you think back to memories under the sun with sweet melodic guitar sounds playing in the background.

Oscar mentioned that he wanted to create something darker for his third EP, but will continue to tell the story from his previous release as he felt like he managed to find his style and rhythm.

Play it in the background while you're getting through this lockdown and you won't regret it.

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