Friday, January 08, 2021

Lady Bird return with the explosive Political Wasteland

Lady Bird is back and better than ever. This Kentish trio have re-entered the music scene with a bang releasing their new single ‘Political Wasteland’ earlier this December. The band is known for their explosive live shows but with venues shutting they haven’t let us down. ‘Political Wasteland’ gives us the same wonderfully chaotic energy (especially seen in their music video below).

With their EP ‘BRAINWASH MACHINE SETTING’ release date looming, it’s clear that the direction they’re going down is aiming to shoot and kill some of the social issues brought to the forefront during the Covid pandemic. This particular single takes aim at the far right, broadcasting a scathing view of how they portray themselves. This song demands immediate change to the way things are. Commenting on what I perceive as the hypocrisy of the upper-middle class this song perfectly sums up the anger that I think most of us are feeling right now. The key lyric in this song ‘Soap opera, don’t bother’ is repeated in the rabble-rousing chant at the end of the song.

Having pulled an occasional reggae-like and dub-soaked musical style, Lady Bird resembles an updated version of sounds like Asian Dub Foundation or Pop Will Eat Itself. That being said, they are unmistakeably punk and I have to say that works for me. Their commitment to the very loose barriers of the genre is noted and appreciated, carrying the overwhelming mood of ‘anger’ into their music.

As with most music in this genre it seems almost superfluous to talk about their musicianship since the focus is very much put on the message being conveyed. But there is also undeniable skill, an ability to craft a song and it’s refreshing to hear music that isn’t put through a mixing station a million times.

All that being said, do not listen to this when you are having a quiet afternoon… if you’re in the mood to raise some hell though, this one’s for you. 

Read our interview with Lady Bird HERE.

- Chloe Boehm



Photo: Ines Karma

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