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An Interview with FLAWES

FLAWES are a musical trio consisting of friends Huss, JC and Freddie who, after previously working as session musicians decided to come together and form something that has turned out to be truly special. 

The band had a somewhat baptism of fire career wise when their debut single became Radio 1’s Record of the Week and the band have continued to build on their success with a growing portfolio of top class uplifting positive pop style music. With their unique take on all of life’s moments both big and small, the trio have established themselves as an exciting and talented band who are also ones to watch for the future. 

After the release of their new single ‘W
hat’s a boy to do’ at the start of December, I got the opportunity to have a chat with FLAWES about their career since lockdown and what the future holds for them.

So you’re new single ‘What’s a Boy to Do’ was released earlier this month. It’s a really beautiful song and I was wondering if you could give some background to its origins. How did the song initially come about? 

JC - I wrote it about an experience back when I was at school. I was about 13 and had a crush on this person and I went up to them, and it was that kind of ‘will you go out with me’ and they were like ‘no’ and it’s kind of based on that experience.

Obviously this year has been a little bit crazy with the pandemic. How has this had an impact on you guys in terms of making music?

Huss - The ep has all been written and made during lockdown, so it’s been different to how we usually work but we’ve still been able to create which has been great for us.

You are set to release your EP ‘reverie’ next year, what can fans expect in terms of style and sound that you have gone for with this? 

Freddie – It’s about escapism and trying to find the positive outlooks on situations. We really wanted to take situations or experiences and find the positives in them and put that into these songs. 

Have you guys had a chance, with lockdown, to put together some ideas or create a portfolio of work ready for when we get some sense of normality back? 

JC – Who Knows?
Huss – We couldn’t possibly reveal that sort of information.

Have you found that the events of 2020 have changed your approach to music?

JC – It’s interesting because we used to have, like the team, would pay for us to hire a studio that you’d go and work in but obviously with lockdown we’ve built our own to be able to create which is where I’m sat at the moment.
Huss - We’ve all been working like separately so it will be nice but weird coming back together again. But now they know we can make music without needing the studio hire we may be working from our home studio more. We’ve all had to learn to do more different things to make the record work and come together.

Where do you find inspiration from when it comes to music is it personal experience or other forms? 

JC – Mostly personal experience like things I’ve gone through and I’m an over thinker so I kind of go over things that have happened and think about them. But it’s sometimes things that friends have talked about or even over hearing something someone has said like when I’m on the bus or something

What sort of music have you been listening to during lockdown? 

Huss - The vamps new album, it’s absolutely fantastic.
Freddie – I’ve actually been listening to 5 Seconds of Summer’s last album, I think it’s pretty cool 

Do you find that music you listen to inspires your own music? 

Huss – I think in a way yeah, everything you listen to always unconsciously or even consciously makes its way in to what you do and sometimes you may have sounds of what you listen to or like inspiration. Like we may have like old school prince sounds or modern stuff, but always make it your own.
JC – Yeah like you always make just what feels right and sounds to you and sometimes there’s inspiration from other things you listen to in there.

If you could do a dream gig line up with yourselves as headliners who would you put on the bill alongside you? 

Huss - How long is the bill? 
(Georgina - we could do a festival if you want) 
JC – I think Tupac would be a good one
Freddie - Anderson Paak, I think you don’t want people that sound the same as you do to make it different and interesting.
Huss – I think maybe Jeff Buckley he’d be good, I think it’s good to have like something different 

If you could do a collaboration with anyone who would it be?

JC - oh like a mcbusted type thing. Maybe we could be like The Flamps of 5 Seconds of Flawes
Huss – Yeah I like that. Or maybe someone like Nile Rogers, he’s had so much good music I think he’d be good to work with 

Even though 2021 is still looking touch and go, can we expect any tour date announcements from you guys anytime soon? 

JC – We want to wait until we can get back to ‘normality’ before announcing any gigs, we don’t want to be like we are touring then having to keep cancelling or postponing it. 
Huss – We have thought about the idea of socially distanced gigs or online concert but it’s still just a thought right now, there is nothing like set out yet.

Be sure to keep up to date with everything FLAWES on social media and check out their music across all media platforms too. You can check out their website here 

- Georgina Shine
Image: FLAWES Website

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